Least Valued Flaw/Proc on Gear (Poll Included!)

Alright, I have been through the list of all gear innumerable times to the point that if pressed, I’m fairly certain I could write a list of all of them, including stats, by memory. (Please don’t ask me to do this though!)

The reason why I’ve decided to create this thread is that I’m now stuck at the absolute limit of my gear bank (yes, all bank pages already obtained) and I have the daunting task of deciding which gear doesn’t make the cut. The problem is… I can’t decide which gear this should be!

I know I’ve looked through the gear too many times as I’ve been able to convince myself that every piece must have a purpose and value and I can’t decide which ones to part ways with.

So I’m asking for you, the community, the conglomerate of the brightest, most experienced, and highest skilled of Battleborn players to please provide insight on the gear that just shouldn’t make the cut.

To assist with this, here’s two large polls that contain all of the flaws and procs, organized by faction, for you to choose from! Select up to 6 of your least desired gear traits! (I hope I built the polls currectly!)


  • After surviving for 180 seconds
  • For 3 seconds after taking health damage
  • While under 50% health
  • While health is full
  • For 5 seconds after landing a melee hit
  • For 10 seconds after killing a minion or minor enemy
  • For 30 seconds after assisting in killing a player or major enemy
  • For 60 seconds after killing a player or major enemy
  • While shield is depleted
  • For 5 seconds after taking shield damage
  • For 30 seconds after buying a buildable
  • While shield is full
  • For 5 seconds after completing a reload
  • For 15 seconds after destroying a buildable
  • For 15 seconds after recovering from CC effects
  • For 60 seconds after respawning
  • For 5 seconds after landing a critical hit
  • For 10 seconds after activating a skill
  • For 5 seconds after collecting a pick up
  • While all skills are on cooldown

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  • Negative Maximum Shield Strength
  • Positive Buildable Cost
  • Positive Shield Recharge Delay
  • Negative Shield Recharge per Second
  • Negative Damage Reduction
  • Negative Reload Speed
  • Positive Recoil
  • Negative Movement Speed
  • Positive Cooldown Time
  • Positive CC Duration
  • Negative Sprint Speed
  • Negative Attack Damage
  • Negative Attack Speed
  • Negative Skill Damage
  • Negative Critical Hit Damage
  • Negative Maximum Health
  • Negative Healing Received
  • Negative Heal Power

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Also, have questions about the poll? Want to discuss what I’ve posted here? Want to explain your choices? Please do! I would very much appreciate knowing why you have selected the choices that you’ve made, and if people would like to discuss with each other their opinions, I for one welcome it!


For the negatives I normally play Kleese so negative shield strength, skill damage and cooldowns are never going into my loadout deliberately


That definitely makes sense. I keep negative shield strength for most of the Eldrids, but I’m torn on Skill Damage and Cooldown.


Most of the poll choices are pretty self explanatory, the worst offender for me has to be the ‘when shield is full gear’.

One piece I thought I would mention that won’t show up here from poll results is the Eldrid Blue max health piece without negative shield recharge.

There is no reason to take this over the LLC vest where the secondary effect is always active when you need it on any character with a shield. If you’re using a character without a shield then you would take the flawed version.


That is an excellent point and yes, while shield is full has been one of the first ones that has stood out for me as being essentially useless, especially on damage reduction gear!

I’m somewhat surprised to see that CC-recovery gear is considered one of the worst requirements, at least in PvP, considering the abundance of it. Because while I haven’t tested it, I take it it applies to all CC, not just hard ones, meaning that slows for instance will proc the effect. Could be wrong though.

The flaws & requirements are highly dependant on character though. Negative shield stats are fantastic on Eldrid, so I often use that, but would never think of using it on Toby for instance.

The same goes with the requirement “While at full health”; It’s not necessarily terrible on a Marquis but would be dreadful on Kelvin.


It think it’s more about the actual gear with that condition. Reload speed, recoil, damage reduction and shield penetration if I remember right. Shield pen is so situational that all situations where it’s useful could be counted on one hand (including PvP and PvE). Damage reduction while at full health will save you from literally one attack to your health before it’s as useful as a common gear so the only characters that might benefit from it are Kleese and Shayne, but with them you might as well use the Rouge version since their cooldowns are easily managed. The recoil and reload speed have potential with character’s like Whiskey or Marquis but once again you can just use the Rouge or UPR versions for more reliable and controlled results.

It’s dependent on your enemy and you have no control over it at all (short of diving head first into a skill or attack). If there’s anything I learned from MTG, it’s to never depend on your enemy to do what you want the too. So for me, it’s more worth it to pay for the epic version with just a few hundred more shards or work with a different faction gear if it’s a blue piece.


My personal favorite piece of gear is the blue LLC damage reduction gear. Nothing like getting extra DR when your shield is full! :smiley:


I like the flawed Rouge damage reduction. Makes you harder to kill at the cost of your max health. Totally worth it.


…Clearly not fully understood by all, this remains one of the few games I have ever played where you have to guess so much.

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Is there a list somewhere of which characters are unaffected by which flawed gear types?

For example:

  • KU and Benedict can’t crit, so -Critical Hit Damage gear is a possibility.
  • Most Eldrid can use defective shield stat gear, but this may not play nice with Kelvin and Boldur depending on helix choices

But what about:

  • Is Earnest in the same category as KU and Benedict? Any others?
  • Is Montana affected by Reload speed or recoil gear?

There are many more I also have questions about, but these will do for now!

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Not as far as I know.

Strictly speaking everyone can crit through their quick-melee, but I’d say Ambra, Benedict, Ernest & Kid Ultra are the 4 who can run negative crit damage
without noticing much of a difference.

Reload speed affects his heat generation, but I can’t remember how.

In general though;

  • Heal Power’s okay on all non-healers.

  • Reload Speed’s okay on all melees and a handful of others (Alani, ISIC, Kleese, Orendi, Thorn & Toby).

  • Anything with negative shield attributes are okay on all Eldrids (exception being negative shield capacity on Kelvin).

  • Increased Recoil’s okay on everyone except Beatrix, Benedict, Caldarius, Ernest, Ghalt, Marquis, Mellka, Oscar Mike, Reyna & Whiskey Foxtrot. What’s to note here is that spread and recoil are two different things. Caldarius, Mellka & Reyna have a noticable spread for their projectiles, but not much recoil. Recoil will not affect the spread.

Those are the broad archetypes I can think of that you can generalise like that. There are other flaws which may not be too punishing either depending on situation and character (best example possibly being Healing Received), but there are really no “tricks” or flaws which doesn’t penalise you beyond those I’ve listed.


Just recently encountered this problem this past weekend on stream. i started collecting greens after the latest bank upgrade, but that means i had to start getting rid of bad negative gear.

on stream we decided on all the dmg reduction, ad, and sd gear for starters.
if pressed id likely get rid of the sprint speed negatives as well, as ive run the flaw kevlar wjen i didnt have the regluar one, and it wasnt worth it imo

edit: forgot about max health negatives. gone.


For the longest time, the only defective gear I ever kept was -heal power. Once I started using more healers, I started looking for options for them too, so started keeping some of the other items. Still trying to limit what I keep though - I currently have seven loot packs for each faction unopened until I have the time to create a bit more space!

-sprint speed and -max health girl is useful.

For Self-Nerfing games. Like if you want to challenge yourself or have some fun with streamers. Just make them run a -Max health Mellka/Dragon/Orendi or a -sprint speed Montana/Pendles.

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…Oddly enough I have seen the Sprint negatives are higher than the movement negatives.
Seems twisted, but I could write a chapter about the very twisted things I’ve experienced since the beta. :wink:

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KU’s Bola can crit, and both of their quick melee’s can crit like lem said. Lift Off can too with the “Make Some Room” helix, but no one cares about a 2 damage crit.

Montana’s heat cools down faster when you aren’t firing with reload gear, but is unaffected by negative reload gear. Weird right? And he has recoil, so I’d assume it’d affect him. But IMO recoil gear is a waste on basically everyone but maybe WF.

And shield recharge rate, right? Unless it preforms weird like reload does with Monty.

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…I still need to know if anyone gets a crit with Rath. Still trying.

His primary and his secondary? They can definitely crit. Along with his quick melee and “Crimson Fastness” helix.

Can’t get a crit with them on OPs, have been trying.