Leave Attikus alone


I love Attikus. It fits perfectly in my play style, I understand how it works and I can destroy the enemy team with it.

Just leave him alone.

Because if you don’t, and you keep whining and complaining about him being underpowered, it’s possible that they will eventually buff him up. And then it will be a no brainer, and every match we’ll have to deal with an attikus on each side.

It works. If you don’t want to learn how to use it as it should, go play galilea or rath; they’re far easier and will fit your easy melee needs.



I don’t think I’ve ever seen a “don’t buff my favorite character” thread…


I want to agree. He can be devastating, but so can everyone else.

My biggest complaint is the cooldown on pounce and his squishy nature despite his huge body and easily crit head. He just feels so tender relative to other characters that are tanks. Disruptor he is. Tank he is not.

Yeah, he works, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be tuned to not have to choose between surviving as a supposed tank, or damage which is his one of his unfortunately few saving graces. FFS he’s supposed to be easy lol.


His overcharge abilities need a change, currently the only usable one is his Ult. Like someone else suggested why not give him a movement speed boost based on how many charges he has. It makes since tbh as he electrfiys himself which should speed him up

Ok… so even if 1 out of every 100 Attikus players are good, I still think that qualifies as him being underpowered. People might be able to “make him work” but it’s not worth the effort. Attikus players will pretty much always get more deaths than kills. If any one needs a buff, it’s him.


Most Attikus players go negative, not all.
I have a K/D of a little more then 2 high with and that’s not counting assists

But if all he’s good for is killing, then I’d just play any other assassin or even a tank, since they’ll likely have an A) More cohesive kit B) Better maneuverability, or C) Better survivability. Whatever you want to do with the character, you can do it better with someone else. Maybe not disruption, but that’s highly debatable, since pouncing into a fray just burns your escape option (And you need to hope you can make good on your possible stun), and you’re now a huge target in the middle of things with no real means of innate sustain or mitigation. His Ult + 5 charges is great, but a disruptor shouldn’t only be good at disrupting per Ult, nor only be sufficiently disrupting at level 5, with the levels before potentially being a death sentence.

Attikus is definitely fun when he’s dominating, but the barrier between being an early game easy target and a late game monster is so damn huge in every game.

He needs something, just a little love.

I agree with this completely. I’ve literally just started playing with him today and have been having a great time. I’m actually fearful that he might get a nerf, only because I feel Ambra’s nerf was less warranted.

Pounce I find is a great tool. I notice that if you hit the opponent in such a way that only the very top of the pentagon crosshair it seems to hit them straight ahead with no bounceback (similar to Montana’s charge.)

Can we aim it on chars like in Pve? I haven’t tried.

The one thing they should change is where it labels him as “easy”. I mean, I picked him up once by accident when I was trying to play benedict, and I was surprised at how good he was. I mean, i didn’t utterly wreck face or anything, but he might have been my best first game with a character. He’s not really a “tank” but more of a brawler. And that’s because jennerit are anti-tank (-damage reduction on broken gear or whatever they are from their loot packs)

I really don’t want gearbox to soley buff him based on the part of the community that can’t play him, and I don’t think they will.

Toby though, he’s just bad. Not horrible, he’s playable, but he’s the actual worst battleborn.

I think this is supposed to happen, but sometimes they shoot off behind me even when I have them lined up perfectly. It may just be a problem with lag, but it’s still a really annoying because it happens pretty often.