Leave No Trace Launcher Fl4K - Easy Slaughter Shaft Farmer

Been a bit since I’ve posted on here. Put together a non GITM FL4K build that is able to clear Slaughter Shaft
pretty easily and this set up shown in the video is very upgradeable. Can get the times down a lot with the right upgrades. Here’s the video and if you have any questions about anything let me know.



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Thanks! It’s one of my favorite spins on a Fl4K crit set up

Could you screenshot the item parts for me?

Yea I got you covered, you want the actual items or the parts inside of the Lump lol?

Is this possible with just 3/3 LNT?

You can do it without additional LNT at all and can use a different class mod. The only issue is how fluid the gameplay is without the mod on. You’ll get a bit more pockets of downtime.

I actually got my current Lump around the start of the Bloody Harvest and have been running a simillar build ever since. The main difference is that my version incorporates the Terror Mechanic. Ammo Regen while terrified does wonders to the build and allows me to use any mod without much drag on the gameplay due to lack of more LnT.

Also with Rakk Attack, I can almost indefinitely be under the effects of Terror and gaining all the sweet bonuses.

You have to get used to the annoyance of the mechanic itself, but the effects are worth it imo.

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That’s funny because I’m working on a Rakk attack set up variation of this abusing splash damage and terror lol. So we have some super overlap. The ammo regen is working for your launchers? When I tested it, it didn’t work on the Lump but on all of my other non launcher guns it did. I might have just ran into a specific bug in the trials I did with it. I recently picked up a rough rider with additional terror damage resistance that I’m looking to try and use. Probably will end up using a different shield though

Yeah, It’s a build that dishes out DPS very consistently, even giving the Lump a couple of seconds to regen its ammo. As you said, both Rakk and Rockets have overlapping synergies with certain mods and Artifacts.

The Terror Ammo Regen does work with the Launchers yet it is VERY slow even at max Terror stacks. I’m estimating about 8-10s for 1 rocket to regen? LnT helps mitigate that problem.

You’re the only other person running Fl4k that I’ve heard plays the Lump. Lump itself is under the radar itself which is great to be honest. I’ll do some more playing around with the Terror Ammo Regen and the launchers and see how things are flowing. I think I might have switched off of the launcher on second 6 or something around there. Weird thing is a 2 shot shotgun I was seeing get ammo back faster so I just wrote launchers off. How’s your Slaughter Shaft clear looking? Pretty good pace and comfortable?

Haven’t done much Slaughter Shaft, but from the 3-4 I’ve done with the build, it’s good enough. ~20 to complete give or take depending on the modifiers.

Also tested with a timer and it seems to be about 10 seconds to regen 1 ammo. Sadly I don’t have a Lump with inherent Ammo Regen, because I think that would be the best case scenario. Right now I’m using a Shield with the ammo regen perk and a grenade that applies the Terror.

Ideally I’d like to use a launcher with Ammo Regen, a shield with health regen/dmg reduction while terrified, and the 'nade to apply terror.

I use a Friend-Bot mod to keep my pet alive, use the Jabber since i have no idea why it’s more resilient than the spiderant, and the mod has +Splash, +Heavy dmg, +health Regen

Artifact ideally buffs any of; Heavy, AoE, Health Regen, Cooldown, Incendiary.

Yea 20 is super solid. As long as things are within the 15 to 20 range think it’s a good set up.

I don’t have an lump with the ammo buff either. Kind of leaning more towards the extra projectile for that slot or trying out 125% splash some more. Going to be using the terror on melee face puncher I have in the set up which should leave either the grenade open for more damage/defense. Have a transformer and i think a rad suit with ammo regen at the moment.

I’ll have to see what I can put together. I have to test if rad explosion is effected by the 125% additional from the gun. If that ends up being the case can make something super nice.

I haven’t used the Jabber in the minute but he was always pretty bulky. Ant has been doing pretty good for me as of late. I’ve played around with a lot of damage mitigation using the friend bot and the other ant. From what I’ve been seeing, damage reduction starts to have diminishing returns.

I’ll play around with elements a bit more and see what direction I want to take it. Big fan of corrosive since it has the easy 125% damage boost but that’s missing out on some potential synergies with the Rakk set up that would make it unique and potentially as quality in its own way. Rakk will either end up as a great generator or a solid (as long as ai doesn’t hit a u-turn mid air) damage source. Maybe both.

I’ve been using a radiation lump with the 50% bonus cryo damage while terrified. It basically covers all bases in slaughter shaft.

Definitely, you get the added explosions and the cc. I don’t have a lump with super good two element overlap yet. I have Rad shock

I have a terror scourge and the regen is very slow, like every 20 secs. I’m looking to run this as a rakk attack build. Currently searching for an anointed grenade with optimal crit chance. Any suggestions? I have a hex cryo one.

Running the Lump smoothens out the terror ammo regen a bit. I was able to test again and it was coming through around the 10 seconds interva like @Rabid_Explosions mentioned. Might be improved by increased magazine size further if all the information here remains true.

With the additional ammo regen coming in you won’t suffer as much from the downtime issue and might be able to run a recurring or mitosis hex without any issue. If you need more cc the cryo is great while radiation helps clear a bit due to dot and explosions.

As Rakk I would probably go Ammo terror regen shield, 100/125 splash damage anoint lump (if somehow you get one of these lol) and regen on action skill grenade, the apply terror would be on another gun that you have. Rotation would be 2 or 3 rakks with that one gun, switch back to lump and just spam everything you want for 18+ seconds because you’ll be getting hit by terror anyway. This way you have infinite everything and the micro is super marginal.

Still playing with the trees and what particular shield in the set up that feels as good as the build above. I’ve been playing around with red and blue tree combos but once i get the gear set up tested (minus the super high roll lump), I’ll be more versed in what tree combination is best and will update in here. Probably will drop a video on it as well

Where are you guys finding your Lumps?

I swear I’ve done 3 slaughter shafts. 2 Slaughter Star 3000’s 5 or 6 Heck Hole clears (including the Hecktoplasm) and countless Graveward kills and haven’t had a single one drop.

Is there a better place to hope they drop or have I just had really bad RNG?

Disclaimer: I sometimes use the item editor because I don’t have much time to play and want to sidestep farming without dedicated loot pools.

I’ve been using a corrosive Lump and I tried out the 50% bonus corrosive Anointment and it seems to be the best given how much corrosive is boosted from Interplanetary Stalker and Flesh Melter. I’m gonna test out some artifact / COM stat rolls (splash damage radius in particular) to see what’s optimal.


I’ve found a good amount of mine while farming Jabbermogwai in Voracious Canopy Eden 6, 1 or 2 in graveward, and a good chunk inside of Slaughter Shaft. Once I found 6 on the ground and most times 0. It’s completely random. One thing that gets overlooked is the purple vending machine in Sanctuary. Always has anointed and can sell alien purples and blues. This is where I was getting my tediore, carbuncle, quickie, and other good blues and purples before this event. I always check the vending machine whenever I’m in sanctuary

I’m definitely not against the edited in items. As long as they have things you can actually get in the game you’re just saving yourself time which dope. The finding portion gets lost but that’s an alright trade for saving yourself a couple of days worth of time. Especially for lumps.

I can see the extra corrosive stacking being super good. Did you end up testing the 125 splash and 100 weapon damage anoints as well? Interested in what you find. Not sure what particular portions of the lump the splash radius effect either.