Leave no Trace question

I have a quick question about how the Leave no Trace skill works/worked. Was it potentially triggering on individual projectiles? so if a shotgun fired 9 projectiles that all landed as crits, did each projectile get to have the 36% chance roll? If it was, then sure the skill was working too good. But if that was the case, wouldn’t a chance to roll cooldown of like .1 second have put the skill to working as intended on paper? Then when the 9 projectiles hit the target at the same time, then only the first projectile would get the chance to roll the 36% chance. Then the 9 projectile shotgun would have the exact same odds of triggering the skill as a single projectile pistol.

Yeah shotguns would always return 1 ammo so they could shoot for the full duration of fade away if you didnt miss any shots. It was kind of broken but gearbox way over adjusted in my opinion, leave no trace can still be somewhat useful but your probably better off specing into something else.

I did notice that my “jakobs triple barrel to the face” strat worked more times than it didn’t. I could see that being “broken”, especially combined with Fade Away. Thing is, I did not use fade away at all. So this “fix” for potentially “broken” builds definitely affects more than what Gearbox intended.