Leave No Trace + Torgue shotgun = gamebreaking

this is so game breaking its not even fair… now granted im only level 27 but every boss or badass or whatever ive come across i can kill damn near instantly… go invis… stack shots for 8 seconds (you cant run out of ammo) then reload when stealth ends… dead… if they have a TON of health… i might have to do it twice…

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That’s what I’m saying, no-one is talking about how strong this is. Are you spec’d more in hunter and some in stalker as well?

im completely speced into stalker… only have 3 pts in hunter for LNT

Oh dang, it’s interesting to see that it’s broken no matter the build lol

yea… the thing thats broken isnt fl4k… its the unlimited ammo from LNT and shotgun coupled with dmg stacking from the stickies

Just wait til playthrough 1 is over and you start mayhem mode lol. He will be strong but not that powerful anymore


good to hear… i was feeling down about bl3 xD

Its pretty strong, but the porcelain pipe bomb can do what the torgue shottie takes 8 secs to do in 1 grenade throw. As can the Queen’s call. The crazy burst power is balanced by time required to apply the stickies.

idk about balanced… maybe but idk… it just makes boss fights feel so cheese… not a big deal (can always just not do it) but still… i hate playin with an arm tied behind my back

Each pellet that crits gets the chance to proc lnt. The more pellets the gun shoots, the more of a chance to add ammo. In fade away, all of them crit as long as they hit. Automatically reloading your shotgun for you.

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Exactly why it’s so busted lol

sooo… after beating the main campaign… gotta agree with elpresador… if he didnt hit like this idk how id manage lol… its fine xD


Using a Jakobs shotty can also instantly clear a room in fade away :wink: I love it, all those pellets ricoche throu the area.

But honestly, I think every character has an OP build, I’ve came across several legendaries that synergize extremely well (30k shield on moze unbuffed for example)

Currently using Flak with a Dasterderly Maggie Pistol (+33% crit Damage) 6 pellets (7 with 2Fang) combined with Megavore + Leave No Trace + Headcount = super fast cooldowns with insane clear speed…especially combined with Guerrillas in the mist.

Maggie for Clear
The Flood for Bossing

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What kind of mods are you running?

Weapon : Dasterdly Maggie and The Flood

Shield: Rough Rider

Grenade: Random…doesnt matter.

Class Mod: I’m still using a blue with +2 leave no trace.

Probably best in slot: legendary with +2 to Megavore. Online guide says Megavore can be increased to rank 5 for 100% crit chance.

Jesus Christ, I’m gonna need that lol
I lost one mod In the bank I was saving that had +2 LnT and 70% Torgue projectile speed and I’m sad cause that’s all I’ve been using. But I found a new one with +2 LnT with a garbage stat lol
Hows the rough rider on Fl4k?

Only reason I use the Rough Rider is becuase Fl4k doesnt receive any skills that benefits shields. So I kinda want to stack more health and damage reduction. Havent really found a shield to replace it yet. As long as I keep moving and shooting I can stay alive long enough to kill everything and regen health.

Not a bad idea, I’ve spec’d into damage and stuff so I’m a bit of a glass canon. Was using the multivitamin for a while and that was doing a decent job keeping me alive.

I recommend doing the Athenas Sidequest for the multivitamin shield at lvl 50 :slight_smile:

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