Leavers and AFKers will be the final nail if the coffin

I Agree with you that there will not be a player base left soon.

This game was just an after thought, they pit zero thought or effort into it.

This happened to me as well on a capture game, I thought it would go back to queue or fill the missing player in with a bot or something. We got crushed in less than 10 minutes, it took almost twice that time just to get into the game.

That’s not what I made this thread for. I think the game is fantastic, and totally disagree that there was zero effort or thought put in to it. Don’t make the subject of this thread something it isn’t meant to be. My qualm is with people leaving matches, not anything else.

I want to play Battleborn, but afkers and quitters are making it hard to get balanced matches.

If you want to comment, comment on that.

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The game will start if it is 4v5, but not 3v5. I do agree that any lopsided match should not start. I suppose Gearbox think a 4v5 is winnable. It can be…but against a bad team. I find matches to be a lot tighter since the changes they made to Incursion, and don’t see wins from a team with players short.

I read this thread last night before playing, and agree with what your saying.

After reading this thread I went on for a few games. Couldn’t get a team for Mission, so I jumped into incursion. We were winning 100-50, then one player went AFK. The tide changed and we started losing. Next game someone in our team left early in the game, we clearly were just hanging in for the rest of the game, someone else then left.

After the crappy Incursion games I thought i’d go in for a mission again. 2 people left or were kicked during the player selection. At this point I just gave up again. I’m level 95 and started to feel very disappointed in the way the game pans out some times. It’s clearly mostly the problem with match making and the poor servers they have set up, but the people who quit early in games and go AFK are a big problem in this game. 4v5 in a CoD game may be viable, but it becomes mostly a struggle or annihilation in this game. Yes I’ve won games 4v5, but that’s rare.

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It has become seriously bad this last week. At first it was people who went afk during matchmaking and didn’t return for the game, and now it’s become people going afk during the match. Add that to quitters and it’s resulting in some very lopsided games.

It’s not just new players either. It was a level 100 that went afk in one match I played.

I predominately play Orendi. She’s very squishy and doesn’t come in to her own until level 5 or 6. When we’re up against the cosh, it makes for a very frustrating match for me.

I put it down to the state of the game, numbers-wise. When you’ve queued for ages and a game starts badly, to a point where you believe you will lose, then you’re going to feel inclined to leave. There’s no excuse for going afk/quitting in a winning game, or not even checking your computer to see if a match has been found for you though. If you join a queue for a match, but go afk, at least make sure you keep an eye on things. It’s common courtesy.

Possibly I was wrong…

…it might just be microtransactions that kill it. :cry:

The game will start with one player short every time. But if there is more than one player missing before the start then it will not start.

I’m not talking about people leaving before the start…I’m talking about people being afk at the start or people leaving after the start.

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I chose this thread out of many (see bottom) because it was the most recent. There have been over 200 replies on this topic, just out of the “few” (eight) I found in 2 minutes.

Leavers are perhaps the most frustrating thing in the game right now. The solution is simple.
You leave a game? You get marked as a leaver. Leavers get queued with other leavers and -BOOM- problem solved.

Granted, it takes a bit of finesse, but basically keep track of their last 20 matches. If they’ve left 2-3 out of 20 (about 10-15% or more), then that’s a good indicator that they will probably leave more matches. Don’t put these scum in my room (Yea, I said scum). I’ve lost (or barely won) more matches than I can count because some idiots left WHEN WE WERE WINNING. I don’t get it.

Other threads saying the same thing:

There’s also this thread, which has 31 replies (last one was today from me, previously last reply 31st May).

As I posted in there, and in a couple of other threads, Gearbox could implement something similar to what Overwatch have implemented that I posted about here:

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Exactly my point. There’s no shortage of threads and replies about this issue. And it’s (to me), not that hard to solve.

They’ve said in posts before that they can track leavers; I’m just suggesting they do something with that info.

A lot of people are really upset so far as to say “Gain Negative XP” and “Lose random gear” and other crazy notions.

Just don’t queue me with these problematic people. It’s simple. Heroes of the Storm does it.

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I don’t know that it’s all or even mostly individuals fault though. I’m a PC player and I’ve been disconnected from matches probably a dozen times over the last week, none of which were my choice. Usually it was a lost connection to steam for a second and I would wait while it signed me back in and I re-entered the match about a minute later and continued on. In a couple of cases everyone was disconnected and the game was done, nothing to go back to. Players shouldn’t be punished for that.

It does make the game pretty un-fun to have to go 4v5 or 3v5 for any amount of time. I think that bots should be subbed. I’ve played a couple of games with bots in private matches and it would be better than just being short a player. I really want the Montana bot that went 14-0 in a game on my team.

Just saying I feel your pain.

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You don’t put the final nail in the coffin after it is already six feet underground.


Yea, but you reconnected. And your total “downtime” per match is probably less than 4-5 minutes.

But I forgot that steam likes to do that. So, I get your point.

Maybe make it just people that leave and never come back?

I totally agree, one-off disconnects should not be punished (whatever the reason). It’s those that repeatedly disconnect who should get some sort of sanction.

As I’ve said before, the Overwatch solution which targets repeated offenders seems to be a good solution (you can read about it via the link in my previous post). Something similar could be implemented in Battleborn, based on your last 20 games and if the threshold for games played vs games completed percentage falls below a certain threshold, you’ll get a warning about this. If you continue to leave games after that, you incur a 75% reduction penalty command rank, character rank and credits/coins on all future games until your games played vs games completed percentage rises above the threshold.

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It never happened the first few weeks BB was out, but the last 10ish day, it’s been absurd. I also noticed that everything I built (turrets) was gone when I came back in the game. Don’t know if that is normal and I just happened to notice it or if it was a glitch, but if the player drops AND all their turrets go too, that’s crap.

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ohw wow… that’s crazy! Pretty easy to test, though. get a 2v2 (or 1v2) private game. Build a bunch of stuff an leave.

If I remember tonight, I’ll try to find out.

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@Small_but_Slow, I agree. I play PC. Steam has dumped me (and my whole team) several times in the last few weeks. It started with people inexplicably disappearing, one by one.

I have to close BB, then steam. Then wait. Then log back in. Then load the game.

By this time the game is long gone.

I don’t want to be penalized for this.

Not to mention, I live in a region of the world with lots of thunderstorms. We lose power often.

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The first few times it happened I would just get signed back in and go back into the game. Total out time maybe a minute or two max. The last few, the same as you…exit game, log back in…and so on. 5 minutes or more.