Leechsteel Brooch and plasma cannon

(Easplund) #1

Do the overcharged shots of the plasma cannon proc the Leechsteel Brooch’s life steal effect?


They used to, but they don’t anymore. I believe all damage done in sentry mode does proc the effect, however.

(Easplund) #3

Oh, that’s a bummer. Are the overcharged shots no longer considered skill damage?


They’re still affected by skill damage (the overcharged shots, that is; minor shots remain unaffected), but they no longer count as “a skill” that will proc the leechsteel effect.

(Easplund) #5

So they won’t proc Bola’s Target Finder or Shield Web Interdictor?


That I’m not sure of. It used to proc bola’s, but they’ve added a skill-damage-minimum required to proc the damage amp. I would guess it would affect SWI as that item doesn’t have a minimum damage requirement, as far as I know. I’d guess it still procs bola’s but I think it may be worth testing yourself.

(Easplund) #7

I’m confused now. If the overcharged shots do not count as a skill for proc’ing Leechsteel, why would they count as a skill to proc Bola’s or the Interdictor? I suppose that if the “fix” were to Leechsteel and not Isic’s cannon, then it could be that way, but it seems like a confusing way of doing things.


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(unmaking the universe with math) #9

Two types of activation
1 upon skill use
2 upon skill damage

ISIC’s cannon is no longer skill use

(Easplund) #10

But then it should proc Leechsteel Brooch, shouldn’t it?

(unmaking the universe with math) #11

The description on Leechsteel might not be accurate
A lot of legendaries have that problem