Leechsteel Brooch good for Gal?

I like my build but I recently got a legendary item called Leechsteel Brooch, it has healing received on it which would replace my current item with that.

The difference is my original item has + 4.58 attack dmg increase. Where as the Leechsteel has Skill damage increase… Now I know Gal doesn’t really benefit from Life steel but that life steal on skills has me wondering if that would be beneficial because of her passive/Ultimate…

The Leechsteel is also double the cost of the original item I had.

So will I get enough benefit from the skill dmg + Life steal, or should I stick with the original item, the healing received is almost identical…

I would say no. It doesn’t give her enough benefit considering it heals off of damage skills do. Good for orendi and PvE kleese or Oscar Mike or whatnot, because they deal lots of their damage via skills.

But think of all those heals you can get from her Corruption life steal and then the skill damage from Corruption getting life steal. :wink:

This. In PvE, where you go for damage on your Desecrate this item would be good.

In PvP however, you’d want Silence on your Desecrate on that same level. So basically not worth 1800 Shards on her in PvP.

I was referencing her Corruption which is classed as skill damage.

However, you do make a point that the Leechsteel Brooch with damage Desecrate Galilea is quite nice.

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I guess I’ve never given her Corruption damage much thought beyond using +Healing Received gear.

In my experience, neither the Desecrate damage nor the Corruption damage is altogether impressive, and the self heal from Corruption is almost laughable. What really makes Desecrate obliterate enemies isn’t the AoE damage you can get on it but rather Galilea’s tendency to spin and attack everything near her as part of her standard combo while enemies are standing in Desecrate and taking more damage from everything.

The point of trying to get self-healing on Galilea is to get and keep her at max hp (because of the insanity of Dangerous to Go Alone). Generally, small amounts of life steal aren’t really going to do that, which is what Galilea is going to be getting from the Leechsteel Brooch because she just doesn’t deal that much skill damage.

What’s absolutely amazing for Galilea is her lore legendary (attack speed, hp regen, and 50% life steal on stunned targets; applies to any stunned target, not just targets she stuns herself) because it provides big self healing when she needs it (and she can trigger it herself by using her shield). Yes, it’s a bitch and a half to get (at least until they drop the lore fix patch), but it’s definitely much better for her, in every way, than the Leechsteel Brooch (you also don’t have to trust to the RNG to give you the loot you want; if you can find someone to collude with, you can take care of the Ambra kill lore in about 10 minutes).

yeah I’m at like 17 / 25 for Ambra kills… really annoying to say the least…

Guess it’s sticking with my original healing item with the attack damage on it… I’ll give the leechsteel a shot on my Oscar Mike build… Although I’m not sure if giving up my other items on Mike would be a good idea… I suppose his boots can go since he has movement speed when he’s invis from his helix…