Lee's Digi Peak help thread 72 - OP8

Did I Peak… your curiosity?

Whether you’re just looking for one more person to fill out the team or your Kung fu is weak and need a piggy back to OP8, you’re in the right place.

Terms and Conditions:

1 ) No rocket jumping, floor glitching or pimperhabing here, just badassery.
2 ) You and your team can keep whatever loot drops.
3 ) Mic not required but helpful
4 ) Have fun



Times I’m available ( PST GMT -8 ):

On most weekends
Fri. 5 pm - 8
Sat. 10:30 am - 9 pm
Sun. Off and on throughout the day untill 5 pm

Other resources:

Other resources by:

@Handsome_Dad , @scclarke , and @The_J5


Available thru Monday 9/4 8pm


On today for the next four and a half hours

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Free most of this weekend

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My vacation starts Monday at 5pm (PST) and continues untill sunday December third. Should be available for help during a good chunk of that.

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Hi :slight_smile:

I was wondering if you were still available to help people through the peak? My Krieg’s currently stuck at OP5 and I’m banging my head against the wall in frustration. Would you be able to lend a hand? I’m in GMT but have no major time commitments so can do whenever suits you best.

Also messaged you on Xbox just in case. My GT is L801.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


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Howdy, I can indeed help with that. I don’t get home untill about 1am your time (5pm for me) but I am always online on weekends from about 10 am my time until about 5pm.


Thanks for the response. Good to hear. Shall we say Saturday 9th then? I can be online from 5pm my time (10am yours) and you can drop me a message when you’re free. Thanks again :slight_smile:

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Should be fine

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Also do you have a mic?

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I do, nothing special, but it’ll serve.

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If it works it works. My buddy @Kurtdawg13 may be on Saturday as well.


I’m there. :blush:

Sounds fun. The more the merrier I say. :innocent:

I’m chiming in cause I’d like to know what Char to take through the Peak with ya? Krieg is the OP so who you rolling with @BTK420247 ?


Probably Maya cuz Surveyors
I imagine you’ll be Sal


I do well with Sal. So yes, I would prefer him, but if you weren’t going to be Maya, I would. Just for the Res. :wink:

heads up, I have to pick up my Son at 8:45am which takes approx 20 min. to get back. His mother lives across town from me. so it’s a 10 min. drive to get him, then back. I was hoping to be online waiting for you to get online, but it looks like I’ll be the tardy one. :smile:

edit: oh, and I read your OP so I know about the no DurpPimp’in. lol you don’t have to worry about me brutha. I’ll be ROM’ing it all day long. lol :sunglasses:

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Slight cahange in hours but this is still a thing.
Available today untill about 5

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