Leettle thread to collect inbalances between Kushan and Taiidan Craft

Basically anything that you find different for Kushan than for Taiidan, post here so Gearbox can fix it.

Taiidan destroyer mass driver cannons have a min damage of 400 when it should be 425 (Currently has 6 less firepower than kushan dessie).

Kushan destroyer ion turrets should be somewhat fixed like they were in classic; currently can rotate to shoot behind the DD while the taii dessie is stuck shooting things directly in front of it.

I believe that there’s an imbalance of some sort between the missile speeds of Kushan and Taiidan missile destroyers. Not entirely clear on what it is, but it’s apparently there.

Kushan corvettes seem to have 20 less HP than taiidan corvettes. Observed on all standard combat corvettes.

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This is, in fact, helpful.


Corvettes are just chock full of differences. Kushan corvettes seem to have 5 less ThrusterMaxSpeed, RotationMaxSpeed, and EngineMaxSpeed.

The author of this mod apparently found a bunch of stuff that’s different between them: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=403534088

I though that tai destroyer had less firepower on cannons because it has 4 while the kushan has 2.

About the guns rotation it is a nice addition, but I think that the tai should have a counter balance, like faster ship rotation or a little more firepowerfirepower, it is nice if they are not exactly equal.

We had this kind of differences in the classic, like kushan support frigates being able to self heal and tai not

Can’t say about missile destroyers, I’m not using them much, they should be corvettes assassins, to counter lasers for example, but the missiles miss a lot, they keep rotating the target trying to hit until disappear, so better go for gravs.

About corvettes I agree, sounds weird.

The taii dd should have half the damage but it has slightly less than half the damage on its min value.

A lot of these differences are good.

Yeah Kushan generally has a little more speed, but I thought that was to make up for worse turret arcs in some cases.

If you give them the same stats, they aren’t always equal due to just the position and angles on turrets. Not sure if 5 more speed is the way to counteract that but… still.

One of them fires to the side, and compensates by having a longer missile flight duration.
I think 1 second isn’t enough at their current missile speed.

But I think the better thing is to increase the missile speed from 450 to 600 or whatever it is, then they become roughly the same again.

The Kushan Resource collector does a fifth of the kamikaze damage of Taiidan res cols… yikes!