Leftcircles Battleborn Fan Art and Comics

Hey! I’m Leftcircle.

Since the playing the beta I have been producing fan art/comics for this wonderful game! You’ll quickly pick out who my faves are, I actually didn’t realize how much I’ve done until I decided to follow my peers.

Just know that I have a crush on all the women in this game.

I tried my best to keep this in chronological order

First Fanart Galilea

Galilea is who drew me into Battleborn. When I saw her reveal I could no longer resist.
And Then Ambra up and snatched my very soul from my body.

27 PM copy

My early attempts at imagining what kind of hair Gal might have had

ambra panel 1ambra panel 2ambra panel 3ambra panel 4

panel 2 kill billpanel 1 killbill
panel 3 kill billpanel 4 kill billpanel 5 kill bill


Run Rendain

thorn and alani correct

Bliss Cryptid

My Favorite Cryptid

Alternative Ult

(yeah i headcanon Alani’s hair is a twisted up fin)

all these assassins out here running like naruto smdh

So I loved Chaos Rumble. Galilea Buffet

get out of my school bonus

Im so worried about this lady

Galilea’s first day on the job with the UPR

Me trying to envision Galilea as a Templar of the Silent Sisterhood. What I would give to see what she was like pre-UPR

I’m Concerned about that plant woman.

Galilea gets Ambra hooked on The Last Star to Live

Gals cute smiles

She looks weird not being so goth. . .

Pride and Pining

AU where Galilea ended up in the Jennerit Fighting Pits.

I can’t decide if Ambra has prosthetics or not. She got hurt pretty bad at some point and woke up from surgery so ¯ \ (ツ)

Mellka Sketch

Early Beatrix predictions that turned out being on the money.

Good luck with that strategy, Gal.

The Power Couple

reyna emoji

Its a Xena Reference

It’s a Xena reference.

Drunk Ambra 1

Drunk Jennerit Strikes Again

A wonderful commission based on that one fateful day for Ambra and Galilea. . . maybe two weeks before @Jythri expounded on it in the infamous Story Time with Jythri.

The cheesy romantic in me pictured them once dancing together,

Alani’s giving comics a go.

Pirates of the Caribbean-esque AU. Galilea is remembering the last words the sea witch, Ambra, said to her after fleeing with one of the witches sacred items.

some requests I got

There was a moment there where I wouldn’t have been surprised if Galilea had a girlfriend from every faction. She finds herself stuck with terrifyingly powerful bad asses.

The joke hit me on my umpteenth play of Thrall Rebellion as Galilea.

I couldn’t get the idea of those Aelfrin ears flopping around to whistling noises out of my head

Battleborn Bonding. I really adored Montana and the Demon Bear.

Bad joke. Bad joke.

My PVP Go-To’s

AC ThornAC Kid Ultra

Animal Crossing Battleborn!

Cover for Space Vixens: Songs for Solus

An entire soundtrack of music inspired by the characters of Battleborn!

If you purchase a download you get exclusive gallery of BB fan art done by community artists along with a banging album of tunes.

Thats All For Now!

This isn’t all of my fanwork for BB. Plenty I didn’t post for not being of the SFW variety/ sketches or doodles not worth noting as much.

If you are interested in those or any thing that may come in the future please feel free to check out my Twitter or my Tumblr

I hope you enjoyed my gallery!


this stuff is so good, I’m glad you posted here with us ;0; all hail the power couple!!


Lots of stuff in here I haven’t seen before too! Twitter is so being bias on what I get to see. :confused:

I love the comic strip / scene ones the most. Can never have enough Battleborn comics! :heart:

This one was one of my biggest favourites. XD

And this one! That was a fun little thing turning it into a 3d render with @Leaddybum’s mad texturing skillz.



I hadn’t seen the Gali-Templar designs! Really good designs but I loved that #5 the most!

This comic is still my favorite, Alani’s face kills me every time XD

Good stuff Leftie.


They are all SO GOOD!!! i am glad you posted them here!

I especially love that one picture of alani and orendi where alani wears orendi’s hat. This is so cute -


Omg yessss I’m so glad your work is here now too!! It’s all so lovely!!!


The comics give me life and I absolutely love the sketch shading. This Is Fine with Mellka and The Archive, Animal Crossing Battleborn, and just every depiction shipping Ambra and Gal… the wealth of styles in your art is impressive and I love the sense of humor you impart to the relations between Alani, Mellka, Deande, Thorn, Gal, and Ambra. A+ stuff from one of my faves.

You rock, Lefty.


blessed be Lefty art, you’re so freaking amazing. I can’t get over anything you’ve ever drawn you’re just so damn skilled and I’m happy I get to watch you got further with it <3


Damn artists eating up all my daily likes…



DELICIOUS conspiracy.

mikes halloween costume.
its perfect.


So many art goals all in just one post! I adore all of your expressions and colour-use!