Lefty swap broken

I’m trying to play borderlands 2 VR using the lefty swap mode (since I’m left handed), and I’m unable to turn left in the game. I’m using the valve index controllers with the HTC Vive Pro headset with the wireless adapter. I’m using the official 2K controller mapping, and have the valve index in game setting turned on (so it shows the correct controllers in the control list). The movement joystick works correctly, but the joystick to turn does nothing at all. I can turn right using one of the track-pads, but there isn’t one to turn left (plus the joystick should work). I have comfort mode disabled, I’m using the walk + jump locomotion setting, and turning mode is set to gradual. Note that while I’m able to play most of the game by physically turning left, I’m unable to properly operate vehicles. Developers, are you aware of this? Does anyone know of a fix?

I’ve got nearly the same setup and am having the exact same problem; can’t turn left in vehicles.

Also is there any way to get jumping and teleporting working with the same controller setup? I like the teleport feature but occasionally there’s parts of the game where you have to jump and having to switch b/t controls mappings is cumbersome.

The inability to turn left in vehicles is far more important. Please fix as soon as you can. Thanks in advance!