Leg. Killer 101

Does anybody have gear selections for a Legendary Killer Zer0? Playstyle tips would also be appreciated; I’ve never really tried anything but sniper or melee.


Build: http://bl2skills.com/assassin.html#505551000050355105515050510000

I only use Vladof or Jakobs gear with my Assassins. Taking an “average” of the behavior encouraged by the buffs in the Legendary Killer COM, you want to get critical shots. Vel0city may tweak any weapons with unique firing patterns, but it’s otherwise a fairly passive buff (as are Headshot and Killer (even though it’s a kill skill)). Tw0 Fang just buffs your fire rate (so sniping with it works, but it’s easy to burn through ammo unnecessarily). Ambush is the one skill that requires a behavior modification, which is to be in and out of Decepti0n to activate it. Here’s my favorite single piece of gear when using this build (not that there aren’t others that work just fine; I’m trying to keep this simple):

Jakobs: Striker - Go into Decepti0n, position yourself for a critical shot, and fan the hammer on the way out. This hits all the skills; the shotgun has a deep enough magazine to benefit from a little Tw0 Fang boost, and the tight spread helps keep more shot on target. Seriously, if you’re not hitting for crits, almost half of the COM’s buffs are wasted.

Vladof: Shredifier - The spread on this is tight enough that it’s fairly easy to keep the shots on the critical target. Really, there’s not much more than that. Ambush only helps with the first round fired out of Decepti0n, and I expect several rounds before the target drops, so this doesn’t take much advantage of that. I use this more as a boost to make the Shredifier lethal from the crit bonus than to get the most damage out of the COM (in which case, I’d pick one of their sniper rifles).

The Leg. Killer is the All-purpose gun COM. Playstyle will vary a lot.

The main point is Two fangs. You have to know a few things about it.

It’s a fire rate boost that is effectively multiplicative to other regular fire rate boosts. But it breaks over 10 Fire rate. So the best way to take advantage of it is to use a gun that is slow and powerful and make it fast.

That or to boost Jakobs guns fire rate.

It’s really great with the Maggie.

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