Legacy Content?

Any word on what, if any, Legacy Content we would get for having save files of all the prior games on the same system? I played the old games across multiple platforms and missed out on it on the previous titles.

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Hopefully it’s linked to shift, but we don’t know yet


Your refering to content that can have for being a Borderlands fan. Im sure they well add that in . Similar to if you played tales from the borderlands and played tps . You get free guns for that. Is that what you mean by legacy content for bl3 . Im just happy because im going to pre-order the game . But back on topic and im not sure if there has been any leaks of this so no confirmation yet sadly…!

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Getting heads and skinds like the Vault Legend ones in BL1, if you had a BL1 save file on the same device, would be awesome. But now that we’re on to a new console generation, how is that gonna work?

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There’s so many games at this point they’ll probably just give golden keys.
Say 10 keys for each game it could track(bl2 and tps in the handsome collection, bl1 remastered)
I don’t think they’ll be able to know if we’ve played the original bl1 or tales on an older console

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If there are rewards I’m sure it will be linked to Shift. Meaning that no BL1 saves will help you, but BL1 GotY edition will, as well as The Handsome Collection, and possibly TotB. I’m betting the rewards will just be a simple cosmetic item. I doubt they would give golden keys away right when the game releases; that wouldn’t make much sense.

I have TOTb and Hc

I’m buying a One X just for BL3. I was thinking about buying all the other games on xbox and playing them a bit for the extra content, TofB isn’t my style, so I’d only buy that one if it got me some extras.