Legend of River's Legendary Anointed Loot (OUTDATED)

Hey everyone!

Got some loot for trade! Still working on organizing but I figured I should post a quick list here.

If anything interests you, feel free to reply or private message me

What I am looking for: Anything with 250% after phasecast, 300% after phaseslam, good rolls on relics/coms, anything I don’t yet have. Feel free to make me an offer :slight_smile:

Quick breakdown on how i will list anointed rolls:
For 300% weapon damage after using phaseslam: slam 300
For 250% weapon damage after using phasecast: cast 250
For 50% additional elemental damage on next 2 mags: (damagetype) 50
For 71% decreased weapon charge/12% increased fire rate after using phasegrasp: Grasp charge
For increased handling and accuracy after using phasegrasp: Grasp handling
For 125% weapon damage against badass, named, boss enemies: boss 125
For 100% bonus damage after action skill, damage 100

What I am looking for:
Lifesteal relics with either white elephant
brawler ward shield with 200 melee anointment
The Alchemist with cast 250
Sleeping Giant with cast 250
elemental projector deathless relic
Moze Class mods
Feel free to make an offer!

What I have to trade:

Assault Rifles

Breath of the Dying (Corrosive) - shock 50/splash damage increased by 125%
Carrier (kinetic) - cast 250
Carrier (Kinetic) - Increases fire rate by 11% and reload speed by 26%
Damned (Kinetic) - gamma burst, 65% radiation damage
The Dictator (Kinetic) - damage 100
Gatling Gun (Kinetic) - cast 250/action skill end, weapon accuracy and handling increased
Kaos (Cryo) - auto bear active, regenerate 8% of magazine
Laser-Sploder (Fire) - cast 250
Ogre (Kinetic) - cast 250
Ogre (Kinetic) - Critical damage increased by 25%
Rowan’s Call (fire) - cast 250
Rowan’s Call (Shock) - cast 250
Shredifier (Corrosive) - increases fire rate by 11% and reload speed by 26%
Sickle (fire) - shock 50
Sickle (Kinetic) - rad 50
Star Helix (Cryo) - boss 125
Star Helix (Kinetic) - enemies damaged by rakk attack take 50% more damage
Star Helix (Kinetic) - crit damage increased 25%
Warlord (Kinetic) - crit damage increasd 25%


Bitch (Rad) - boss 125
Bitch (Kinteic) - cryo 50
Crossroad (shock) - cast 250
Crossroad (fire) - cast 250
Cutsman (corrosive) - grasp handling
Cutsman (Fire) - cast 250
Cutsman (Shock) - damage 100
Destructo Spinner (Shock/Cryo) - cast 250
Destructo Spinner (Fire/Rad) - slam 300
Destructo Spinner (Fire/Rad) - grasp charge
Destructo Spinner (fire/cryo) - rad 50
Devoted (Fire/cryo) - slam 300
Night Hawkin (Cryo) - cast 250
Ripper (Kinetic) - gamma burst, gain 65% rad damage
Ripper (Cryo) - deal 20% rad damage
Sleeping Giant (Kinetic) - Fire 50
Vanquisher (Kinetic) - fire 50
Westergun (rad/corrosive) - damage 100


The Boring Gun (Rad) - cast 250
Brainstormer (shock) - shock 50
Brainstormer (Shock) - cast 250
Brainstormer (Shock) - boss 125
The Butcher (Kinetic) - shock 50
Conference Call (Kinetic) - slam 300
Flakker (Kinetic) - slam 300
Hellwalker (Fire) - status effect damage/chance increased by 75%
Kill-o’-the-wisp (shock) - grasp charge
One Pump Chump (Kinetic) - slam 300
Polybius (cryo) - Slam 300
Polybius (corrosive) - damage 100
Recursion (fire) - 15% life gain after action skill
Sledge’s Shotgun (Kinetic) - cast 250
Trevanator (Shock/Rad) - Corrosive 50


AAA (Shock) - slam 300
Bangarang (Kinetic) - Extra charge of rakk attack!
The Companion (Fire) - cast 250
Devastator (Kinetic) - after action skill, 20% rad damage
The Duc (Kinetic) - damage 100
The Duc (Kinetic) - 15% lifesteal
The Flood (Kinetic) - grasp handling
The Flood (Kinetic) - boss 125
Gunerang (Kinetic) - slam 300
Gunerang (Kinetic) - extra charge of rakk attack!
Hellshock (Fire/Shock) - slam 300/cast 250
King’s Call (Fire) - cast 250
Nemesis (Fire) - cryo 50
Nemesis (Corrosive) - after action skill, 20% rad damage
Roisen’s Thorns (corrosive) - shock 50
Superball (Fire) - cast 250
Unforgiven (Kinetic) - boss 125/Corrosive 50


Krakatoa (fire) - cast 250
Monocle (Kinetic) - Iron bear, reduces cooldown rate by 30%
Woodblocker (radiation) - slam 300
Woodblocker (fire) - slam 300

Rocket Launchers

Quodomizer (Rad) - fire 50
Ruby’s Wrath (Kinetic) - cryo 50
Scourge (Kinetic) - shock 50


Back Ham - 5% health regen
Big Boom Blaster - Returns 30% of damage
Big Boom Blaster - phaseslam, damage taken reduced by 20% movement speed increase by 12%
Black Hole - returns 30% of damage
Front Loader - slam, reduce damage taken by 20% and movement speed increase by 12%
Nova Berner - action skill cooldown increased 20%
Re Charger - returns 30% of damage
Re-router - movement speed increased 5%
Rough Rider - action skill cooldwon increased by 20%
The Transformer - melee increased 100%
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot - 5% health regen
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot - action skill cooldown increased 20%

Recursive Hex (Cryo) - action skill returns 1 grenade



Shock Stone Commander Planetoid (80% shock melee/69% bonus element damage)
Radiation Stone Commander Planetoid (80% rad melee/69% bonus element damage)

What is the crit% on the unforgiven?

On which unforgiven? I have a a few, some around 380, others around 430

Ah, I havr 432, was hoping it could go higher

Is this grasp charge or grasp handling?

Thanks for laying this all out man, there might be a few we messaged about I’ll swap for different ones in your list.

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Just updated it! it’s charge time and fire rate

i have a 250 after cast on a companion pistol if you interested

Cutsman (Shock) - damage 100

Star Helix (Cryo) - boss 125

Interested have some 250% stuff for you
Gt Outlawkillerz

I’ve got an Iron-Willed Monocle and a Cash Infused Brainstormer that both do 300% after phaseslam if you’d be interested in trading for your fire Crossroad

Picked up a reciprocating try-bolt where melee damage is increased by 200% after phaseslam if you are interested.

sweet message me your gamertag!

sure thing! what do you need?

How about the brainstorm with boss 125.

GT jflake05

Sure thing! What do you have for trade?

I have the reciprocating try bolt with 200% melee when using phaseslam from above.

Updated my list a bit!

Have a brawler shield with 100% melee damage on action shield in if you are interested.

Thanks however I already have that one

have a couple bloodletters and deathless, interested in that cast companion and the shock cutsman 100 dmg

Cool add me! gt: legend of river