Legend of Rivers Legendary Loot! Now with more loot!

Sorry for the late reply, sounds good to me!

What’s the extra damage percentage on your elemental projector victory rush?

aren’t they all at 90%?

Are any of your anoited brainstormers, particularly the ones granting extra elemental damage redundant brainstormers by chance?

I don’t believe so but I will double check when I can!

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I thought so, but I swear I saw one that was 180% once? Did they rebalance them at some point?

Yeah it was nerfed in the last hotfix. However, the nerf wasn’t actually nerfing it from 180 down to 90 because the relic was only actually dealing about 113% instead.

Do you have any of your crossroads or cutsman with 250% damage after phasecast left?

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Yes I do

Yes sir!

I can’t remember exactly what things i have which i can trade but if you add me ill join up when im online and we can sort something out…

GT: CriticalHit26

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Sure thing

Interested in the following (for my Amara):

  • Unforgiven (Kinetic) OR Unforgiven (Kinetic) - Corrosive (I love the reload animation…)
  • The Butcher (Shock)
  • The Transformer - On ASE, 30% of all damage taken is returned to the attacker for a short time OR The Transformer - On ASE, action skill cooldown rate is increased by 20% for a short time.
  • Elemental Projector Otto Idol OR Elemental Projector Victory Rush
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what u want for a copy of warlord kinetic and bitch radiation

I’m looking for a lot of things so let me know what you have

Yo Jared u should put all u need in 1 page makes it easier for all.