Legendaries and Unique Items that need fixes

Hello all, I just wanted to make a post with a list of legendaries and uniques that need to be addressed as well as some ideas for those legendaries.

ATLAS: unique atlas weapons in general deal very little dmg when compared to corresponding Epics

  1. Linc - ridiculously weak, maybe add elemental dmg to bullets or grenade? This could stay the same dmg if it had elemental dmg, and it would be unique as the only atlas gun that has element
  2. Rebel Yell - so weak when compared to others, dmg increase def needed, maybe allow for this to be cost effective with x2 shots per shot.
  3. Peacemonger - I would say best unique weapon asside from ruby’s wrath, however, its a lie lol. If the spread on the rockets was lower maybe, as right now 3/4 rockets collide with the environment, even when shot in the air. And 50% of the time the homing doesn’t work either they just shoot off into the distance or they collide with bs.
  4. Alien Barrel Atlas? where they at? would be the perfect option for elemental atlas!


  1. Linoge - the time it takes to melee/shoot after melee is rediculous
  2. Psycho Stabber - man if ever there was a gun to shoot melee… so many possible ideas for this, 1 maybe 50% of melee dmg per shot, even 25% would make this viable. another idea is that since for some reason melee can’t crit make this the one weapon where melee can crit? IMO melee should be able to crit if you melee the crit spot, and the fact that splash dmg crits…
  3. Agonizer 1500 - imo all sawblade weapons should scale somewhat off of melee. but hey I love amara and would love melee stuff! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  4. Alien Barrel Rocket launcher?
  5. Alien Barrel Pistol - no epic variant, also why is it that dahl alien barrel has melee increase but not cov? Bigger splash radius
  6. Alien Barrel Assault Rifle - more base dmg please


  1. Hellfire - weaker than a fire westergun?! Westergun is all around better, please make this better than a fire westergun…
  2. Hail - needs to be slightly stronger. ohhhh maybe an alien variant would be cool
  3. Alien Barrel Pistol - no epic variant, Bigger splash radius
  4. Alien Barrel Assault Rifle - more base dmg please


  1. Facepuncher - really this is kind of a follow up to the bit above, don’t get me wrong face puncher is great, but what is the purpose of having +Crit on a gun that can’t crit. Another issue, please fix the fact that this cannot scale off of Amara’s Personal Space.


  1. Tidal Wave - while tk wave has always been pretty bad I would still like to see a good one!
  2. Ice Queen - maybe crits can freeze, we have no really good cryo weapons right now so please give us one.


  1. Hyper-Hydrator - I absolutely love the idea of this pre-order gun, soak and guarantee shock status eff, however It does not work with other shock guns or shock melee, maybe something like the unleash the dragon, and I would also like to see soaked targets take increased freeze chance.
  2. Refined Starkiller - maybe slightly better in one way or another, maybe fire multiple beams or 1 that splits like the burzum
  3. Vibra-Pulse - slightly more dmg needed, it is very weak right now and I would love to see this be more usable.
  4. Alien Barrel Pistol - no epic variant, Bigger splash radius


  1. The Horizon - please make it so that if this collides with an enemy it still causes the singularity, shooting it in time is rather difficult in close quarters combat, and this is a shotgun so ya
  2. Alien Barrel Pistol - no epic variant, Bigger splash radius on bullets


  1. Quadomizer - i love the concept of this gun, shooting boss abilities, but can you make the proj not have weight like the actual ability!
  2. Burning Black Flame - I love this reference and would love to hang it up on my wall, lol this is just a personal request!
  3. Alien Barrel Pistol - no epic variant, Bigger splash radius
  4. Alien Barrel Assault Rifle - more base dmg please


  1. Magnificent - needs some more dmg, love the idea of this gun, also tazer takes FOREVER to reload, I understand the main clip taking so long but the tazer should either have a timer or a seperate reload.
  2. Cold Shoulder - same as the ice queen above, maybe underbarrel can freeze better
  3. Alien Barrel Pistol - no epic variant, Bigger splash radius
  4. Alien Barrel Assault Rifle - more base dmg please


  1. Frozen Heart - I love the idea of this shield, please make it possible to get other parts on it like roid dmg or fleet, really any parts, the legendary part alone doesn’t make it viable enough
  2. Rough Rider - this shield should always count as full and empty. At the very least empty. Please fix and make the extra parts drop more often, a brawler version of this would be nice.
  3. Impaler - I don’t want to tickle my enemies with corrosive.


  1. Hunter Seeker - awesome idea for a nade… 1500% cryo efficiency is nice too, if cryo worked as it should. Please make this work better as currently half the time the grenades just go right past an enemy and start shooting at nothing.
  2. Whispering Ice - needs to be able to freeze more effectively.


  1. Static Charge - ok, i told myself that I would also report things that are op, static charge doesn’t require you to slide enough… this is by far my fav relic on amara, but it should require more work to keep up
  2. Pheonix Tears - make this do something else, maybe give the guardian angel perk to other chars?
  3. All designated drop artifacts - can all the designated drops get prefix parts too? I would love to see some interesting combos with them, and it would add usability to stuff like grave or electric banjo.
  4. Road Warrior - same as agonizer 1500, all sawblade weapons should scale somewhat off of melee.

Class Mods:

  1. Amara - Nimbus - make the cloud scale with level, and it is op with specific guns such as kill o wisp, would love to see this more usable in other use cases
  2. Amara - Elementalist - suffers from the same problem as conflux, doesn’t do enough damage imo
  3. Amara - Dragon - not all augments work with this, maybe fix augment
  4. FL4K - Friend-Bot - this would be the perfect way to get more dmg on pets, make the dmg scale to the lvl.
  5. Zane - Cold Warrior - suffers from the same problem as conflux, doesn’t do enough damage imo
  6. Zane - Shockerator - effect really doesn’t do much, maybe if you also gave the shield the deterrence field
  7. Moze - Bear Trooper - this could also allow iron bear to use shield and artifact benefits, even though it should already do that imo. This would allow for cool iron bear builds until you fix it.

To 2k devs/all who worked on BL3:
All-in-all I love this game! Thanks for the great work updating! I hope I didn’t come across as harsh.

To the community:
Let me know if you have something you want to add to this list!

Ice Queen shoots two ricochet bullets on crit, freezes pretty consistently if you’re good at hitting crits.

Whispering Ice already has a singularity, massive effect area, and lots of ice and splash.

White Elephant appears to work similarly to commander planetoid? Randomly changing elements. I dig that. It’s weird but fun.

The Red Queen is amazing if you know what you’re doing with it. I use it with a close up Amara build as I’m closing gaps. It rarely self damages, and when the wire slices through things it’s beautiful.

Shockerator is my favorite mob com. It means I can have 3 augments on my Clone (because I love binary system)…actually, 4. That’s wild. Plus it gives you the Cryo Nova on Kill skill and Duct Tape and Grenade regen. Absolutely brilliant for mobbing. It’ actually gives you a bunch of things you want for mobbing that are borderline useless for bosses, and that’s probably the coolest thing about it.

ok sure thing I will take down the white elephant and red queen, however I still believe that aurelia’s weapons should freeze more consistantly, though that may be the fault of cryo not working correctly, also shockerator should give diff augments based on what you are using imo, but as I said that is opinion based. The main problem I have with freeze is that by the time you freeze something it generally is so close to death that the bonus melee doesn’t really matter.