Legendaries drop rate too high?

I started a new campaing a pair of weeks ago and 9/10 bosses i find drop their legendaries…even rare spawns,hammerlock monsters and zero bounties…i even got 2 legendaries from the new dlc by killing vincent and a werewolf
Guardian ranks disabled and playing on normal mode…last campaign i did without farming i got just 2 or 3 legendaries max and now i’m getting almost every single one i could without even farming…not even using them since it would be too easy

Speaking of high.

Drop Rates too high… You are joking, right? Get outta here xD

Droprates cant be high enough. The pool for anoints is really diluted with trash, so its still a pain to get guns with good parts and the right anoint.
Example Babymaker:

  1. Needs to drop
  2. Needs element you want
  3. Needs modules you want
  4. Needs anoint you want
  5. Dedicated source still bugged

Four levels of rng and no way to farm but worlddrops. So yeah. Dont call for nerfs because you are having too much fun pls ^^

Edit: added extra level of rng because its true


Drop rates too high? :laughing: At this point in the game most people aren’t playing through the campaign any more. They’re playing on the highest difficulty level (Mayhem 4), where the best items with the best anoints are required. Even with the (temporary) increased drop rates, it can take a long time to farm the specific weapon and anoint that you need for a build.

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But is a drop rate increase active right now? Cuz as i said i’m gettting a 80%-90% drop rate on legendaries right now on normal mode without guardian ranks…and i got a max of 2-3 legendaries drop in a whole campaign without farming last month…that’s the strange thing i can’t understand

Event is only active in multiplayer/splitscreen afaik

Playing slaughter shaft in multiplayer is actually really stressfull for my console because of all the Drops. Still mostly trash tho.

its just for badasses tho, if you’re still getting high rates for dedicated drops… you must be really lucky!

Playing solo…also i think i tried mayhem mode on a character…and the increased drop rate started after exiting and starting a new character…dunno if it could be because of that…and i’m getting legendaries on almost every single boss/badass/rare spawns…i just got another legendary(the insider) literally 5 minute ago…


If you get the drop rates nerfed for everybody, I will find you and give you a wedgie before dousing you in honey and feeding you to the ants. :wink:

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Hahah lol…i really hope it’s just a problem of mine XD…i just wanted to see if other like me are getting so much legendaries or it’s some kind of bug

My item of the day is stuck on legendary. Every vending machine shows a hologram of the same item but has a random legendary in it

Because there is event right now with legendary in vending machines?

I wasn’t aware of that.

About drop rates… Go to do True Takedown on M4, spent 20 minutes on it and at the end get a legendary that has poor parts, poor damage (because of high mag size), wrong element/different from what You’re looking for and on Top of that it’s not annointed… Yeah, to high drop rate…
Did 100+ takedowns since event for them started and never saw Redistributor with 125% fire annoint, even worse I’m looking for Rad element with Powerhouse prefix… Good Luck -_-

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It’s not just you. I’m on my very first playthrough of the game (i.e. Mayhem Mode and Guardian Ranks are still locked) and the game feels like I’m in a golden shower. :grin:

I started a new character after the March 26 patch (so as to take advantage of the adjusted level scaling; this fact may or may not be relevant) and I’m only level 19 (completely solo), but I’ve been getting Legendaries pretty consistently. Anecdotally, it feels like it’s a 20% chance per badass and about 75% chance per (mini-) boss.

I just finished the Space-Laser Tag mission and I got four, count 'em, FOUR legendaries from the end fight: 1 from each of the two badasses before Katagawa Ball, and then 2 more from Katagawa Ball himself. In fact, one of the legendaries from the badasses was a Thunderball Fists, which I then promptly used to EZ-mode Katagawa Ball! :laughing:

And this is on top of the Legendary Vendor event. I bought a handful of Legendaries from them initially (OMG Roisen’s Thorns is my new favourite weapon), but now that I see how ridiculous the Legendary drop rate is there doesn’t seem to be much point to buying them…at least while leveling up.

I mean, I bought a Bear Trooper from the vendor when the event first started because of FOMO only to have a Bear Trooper with better stats drop 30 minutes into my play session… :roll_eyes: :rofl:

I’m getting pretty high drop rates rates solo, though. It may be just a DLC thing though as I’m only playing that at the moment. M2. Not that I’m complaining!

Didn’t know about the vendor event but I just got 4 legendarys in vendors in the Lodge- Cocky Flakker, The Transformer, Surge and the Agoraphobic Flurrying Breaker class mod for Amara- The Transformer and the Amara class mod were both in the same Doc Zed machine. Certainly makes farming easier- so long as you have the cash…

I have the same “Problem”, i know it sounds stupid, but if every legendary is literally just thrown at you, there’s no sense of achievement.
Were you able to get the drop rate to normal or has it been this way your whole playthrough?

I done cartel hideout at m3 got 40 legendary
Done at m10 got 10

Moronic imo

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