Legendaries dropping with max stats

I was just wondering if I missed a memo on it or what, but…has there been an update to make all legendary drops have their max stat (no, not talking about Lore Legendaries, I know those were made equal across the board).

I’m just not sure if I’m being lucky getting max stats on the legendary drops I’ve gotten recently OR if it was purposefully made that all Legend Drops are rolled with max stats. Got 3 today, all different, all max stats so it got me thinking.

I haven’t heard of any such update. Sounds like you got lucky.

Of course RNG is RNG, but were you playing “The Sentinel”? Because regardless of rarity almost all of my gear from that mission is max stat. About 80% of it, and I’ve played that mission a lot.

Nah, The Sentinel has been a bit stingy lately. The Old Sentinel himself has never dropped anything for me…his minibosses have been nicer though lol.

I played the Renegade and got a Max Stat "The Stable Executioner"
Played The Saboteur and got a max stat "Time Killer"
and the Algorithm got a Maxxed “Bunker Buster”

The Algorithm is usually the mission that has granted me the most Legendary Drops…10+ if I were to keep count since the game’s release.

Ive noticed it too but no complaints.

Were you playing adv or normal? Solo?

Grmbl still no legendary for weeks in a row :stuck_out_tongue: At this point I’d be happy even if it had the lowest stats :stuck_out_tongue: I’m jealous.

Normal AND advance Solo AND Co-op. lol

I don’t have any data to back it up, but it definitely feels like the Gear Level value is favouring a higher near perfect roll especially for legendaries since that last patch that fixed character legendaries. I’ve only had one out of about 6 or 7 in the past week that were not sporting max stats.

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I don’t really like the fact that Legendaries can roll NOT-PERFECT.

It’s RNG on top of RNG.
roll to get it, roll to get stats.
Very unrewarding to get a crap-stat legendary, BUT still have to pay 1800 shards to activate it.
When you could have a MAX-STAT legendary, and ONLY pay 1800 shards for it.

The gear system uses power levels and ratios to adjust for lower stats.
But legendaries throws that system out the window.

So it realllllllly sucks to get a non max stat legendary.
There needs to be a way to grind or reroll existing legendaries, or remove the RNG variance altogether.

Was there a reason why legendaries always activated at a flat cost ? or simply they couldn’t find a way to cost weight legendary abilities ?

The third ability probably justifies it regardless.

I don’t know about that. The cost of a max stat epic vs a mid stat legendary isn’t necessarily offset by it’s unique ability. Especially with legendary abilities that scale with with its other stats.

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In comparison to other legendaries, I agree of course. What I mean is simply having a third attribute makes them worth the price compared to all other grades, if you had some that were less many more people would run all cheaper legendaries.

I concur, all of mine ive gotten recently are either max or near max(Frusratingly 1% or less off)

Yeah, that was one of my complaints back during Beta…but I guess we’re part of a minority.

SO i post here again.

i FINALLY got a Lost Edge from Sentinel
… except
it’s crap stat.
Max Stat is 9.80% atk speed with another 9.80% atk speed in stacking stats on crits.

BUT mine? 9.13% with another 9.15% stacking
That is a total of 1.32% missing in stats. Which isn’t much.
Until you realize that you are paying the SAME for my version, and a max stat perfect.

The friend i was playing with at the time rolled even lower.
8.61% and like 8.75% stacking. That is almost 3% missing… yet same price. WTF.

Took me 2 weeks of grinding to get it, and i’m rewarded with a subpar version.
RNG on top of RNG is not rewarding, its exhausting.


What he said.

15 days of running the same mission on advanced trying to get a particular drop, only to end up with a copy of a legendary I had previously acquired… and to my chagrin, wasn’t even better than the 1st.

Neither had max stats…