Legendaries for Legendaries

I have 15+ Legendaries that are level 50 but I don’t need them anymore. I was hoping to get higher Legendaries for the level 50’s i have now but I don’t think thats possible. So this is what I’m hoping to get?

i am trading the following

•2 Bch’s for 1 Level 55 Bch

•3 Flakkers for any Legendary (one is level 20)

•1 Bladed Emperor for any Legendary

•2 Legendary Soldier Class Mods for any Legendary

•1 Impaler Shield + 1 Alkaline the Bee for any Bee Shield

•1 Sandhawk for any thing (Blue)

•1 Action Dart for any thing (Dark Purple)

•1 Infinity Pistol + Double penetrating Unkempt Harold + 1 Conference Call + 1 Mashine Gun for 1 Double Penetrating unkempt harold (Two circled iron sighted)

•1 Veruc for Any Legendary

I’ve got the Two circled iron sight DPUH. I know I have one for 50. I might have a lvl 55’ish. Which do you need?

I’ll give it to you for a B*tch.

PSN: JohnnyCash785

Ah that would be amazing! I could do with a level 55ish one. Were you wanting one b**ch or two of em? Both level 50 i think.

I should be online tonight.

1 is good. What kinds to you have?

I feel like the sandhawk (in some forms at least) is worth at least purple rarity in trade value.

Okey. Thats fine with me

Both analytical


I got an OP8 Infinity, what would you give me for it?


Well I’m not looking for any over powered leveled guns. I’m only level 54 at the moment

i can trade if your still willing

Il trade some level 61 weapons, such as a Maggie, infinity, bee, and guns rang, for a sham or a level 50 maggie

i can trade ashtonsteeby