Legendaries for Pendles

I am a Pendles lover.

I decided to create a thread for the legendaries you would put on Pendles.

That’s really it.

So what oranges do you guys run on him?

I don’t use any but I’ve seen a few use Quater Mastery Bin and just run around getting shards most the game. I don’t like it though because shards shouldn’t be his main focus and makes the game a 4v5 a lot!

Bola’s Target Finder, Symbiotic Gauntlet, Vow of Vengeance and Vow of Zealous Fury are all about as broke as you’d expect on him.

It’s a good combo for him. They have to be able to get around quickly though. They can’t just slowly collect shards cause if they do, they’ll constantly be picking up stuff and never join the fight.

Pendles is like a beautiful runway model … he can wear almost anything! Except damage reduction, reload speed, and heal power gear are wasted on him. But he is the only Battleborn particularly suited to make CC reduction gear useful, especially the legendary ones.

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Symbiotic and Bola’s has him doing 136 damage per swipe after injection by level 6 I think.

My only problem is that Bolas are broken enough and… combining them with Symbiotic Gauntlet? Oh man. It’s more appalling than than appealing to me.

It’s fun Imo.

Bolas and Symbiotic Gauntlet on any offence character will get work done. Hell, even Miko would get work done with that combo.

you wouldn’t believe how well he would, I tried that with a few guys, LVL 5 helix right, where his poison spreads to nearby enemys, is pretty amazing since you just need to throw in some kunai’s into a minion wave and continue healing, poison spreads, bola is triggered and your dd’s just swipe a minion wave into scrap parts in no time, overheal damage support miko ftw!

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I use both on ISIC, along with a free shard generator. It makes Omega Strike fun! :smiling_imp:

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I use Pendles to solo Ops Missions.
My standing gear for him is 3 Legendaries: Veil Manipulator, SKNK-WRK Decoherence Refractor, and Aria’s Encore.

I really do not like taking the Target Finder and Symbiotic Gauntlet. IMO, it is a broken combo that half the population uses, and it’s really just bull at this point. The symbiotic gauntlet isn’t as bad, but I will never have the Firmware Update, Target Finder, and Symbio-G in the same loadout, not even just two of those with a shard generator.

No oranges here, I always try to focus early game as pendles. He is so strong at level 3 (especially when there are no hard reveals) that your team can usually get a strong enough advantage to take an incursion match (or more often: the first sentry and gain level advantage quickly).

That being said, most of my loadouts for Pendles include this beauty:

View on lowlidev.com.au

Depending on map and match type the other two items will vary.
white wrench and shard gen (-reload speed) make a great pairing for Meltdown and Overgrowth and Faceoff.

white CDR (-recoil) and white Shield Cap (-reload) for capture.

There are some other solid combos to replace there with. If I were to check out legendaries for Pendles, I have had some fun with VoZF and Boots of Brute on Pendles.

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i can’t see the pic. What is it?

As I hate running legendaries I’ll just give you my loadout for the little shard goblin. For meltdown I prefer the following and if it’s Incursion I’ll swap the shard gen for a free regen item or movement speed. I find sprint speed to be a must on him since he’s so slow outside of stealth.

View on lowlidev.com.au

View on lowlidev.com.au

View on lowlidev.com.au

Uncommon Attack Damage gear, secondary attack speed for 5 sec after melee hit
(violent endoskeletal graft) 714 activation cost

I understand why some people play skill damage Pendles but I’m curious why you’re using a max health secondary? Wouldn’t an uncommon skill damage gear piece with attack speed after melee hit be better?

If you like to play lifesteal Pendles then max health makes a lot of sense. I just find Pendles so squishy and he becomes a focus whenever he is revealed because of his evasiveness-leading me to play him more as a glass cannon. Kill before being killed and use strategic positioning to not be as easily noticed/focused.

The max health will let him survive a stun. At least that’s my reasoning for it.

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Would a 210 max health buff be enough to survive a stun with two people on you?
A stun with one person on you can be survived typically by either upwards injection then smoke bomb, or even just the latter (writing this with early game in mind).
Do you typically run max health on Pendles, Blaine?