Legendaries for trade

Lots of legendaries for trade. I have lots more as well and constantly farming for new ones

LF- Kyb’s Worth, Vindicator Ghast Call, Recurring Hex, Rain Firestorm, Zane Class mods w/ good perks, Cutpurse with +40% Mag Size, Facepuncher x14 version.

Oozing Vigorous Roisen’s Thorns Anointed
ASE Projectile speed increase 100%

The Flood Anointed
While sliding FR increase by 25%

Nighthawkin Anointed Operative
After Swap with DigiClone WD increase by 130%

Undermining Crossroad Anointed Operative
After Swap with DigiClone WD increase by 130%

2 non anointed Crossroad
1 cryo and 1 shock

Binary Mocking Cutsman
Shock 3136/s 1469 DMG, +28% WCS, +60% Melee

Lucian’s Call Corrosive Anointed Operative [621 item score]
After Swapping with DigiClone WD increase by 130%

Lucian’s Call Cryo
Lucian’s call Corrosive
Lucian’s Call Incendiary Anointed
ASE Critical Damage increase by 25%

Rowan’s Call Rad Anointed
ASE next 2 mags have 50% bonus cryo damage

Rowan’s Call Incendiary

Nuclear Dictator Rad Anointed
ASE next 2 mags have 50% bonus corrosive damage

3 Binary Compressing Trevonator Anointed
1 Shock, 1 Corrosive, 1 Incendiary

Dangerous Vosk’s Deathgrip Rad Anointed
ASE Projectile Speed increased by 100%

Refined Projectile Recursion Cryo Anointed Operative
While SNTNL is active FR increased by 9% and RS by 23%

Abundant Projectile Recursion Corrosive

Powerhouse Tankman’s Shield Anointed
ASE FR increased by 11% and RS by 26%

Nuclear Vicious Lyuda Rad Anointed
ASE next 2 mags will have 50% bonus incendiary damage

Pestilent Vicious Lyuda Corrosive

Overflowing Scream of Terror

Rough Rider

Black Hole

Mirv Widowmaker Anointed
On Grenade Thrown Weapon, Grenade, AS Damage increase by 25% for 6 seconds

Cloning Hex Rad

Singularity Firestorm

Large Firestorm


Ghastly Call

Surge Corrosive

Surge Incendiary

Mind Melt Deathless

Last Stand Victory Rush
+17% SMG, +40% Mag Size, +40% FFYL Duration

Knife Drain Deathless


Cutpurse Otto Idol
+1487 Max Health, +21% ASCR, Regen +149 Health/s

Interested in all the 130 digi clone weapons and the deathgrip. Have fire/shock kyb with 1% consecutive hit dmg increase, vindicator, and terror annointed recurring hexes in shock/cryo.

Do a trade for everything you want for all you listed?

The Kyb and both hexes for the Deathgrip and the 3 digiclone 130% weapons?

Sure. I may have a spare redundant facepuncher as well.

Awesome gamertag is R0nald Weasl3y

The O is a zero

It leviosaaaaaa. Na but seriously GT: Tr1p1nSquirrelZ. Will be on soon, ur prefer in game trade or just mailing?

Mailing is cool with me

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Im ready to go when you are.



Interested In Cryo Lucians call

You want cryo Lucian’s?

Which one?

Sorry I realized I only posted the one