Legendaries from the gungun

Anyone seen this method of getting legendaries from the gungun?

Thats useless method. Just kill any boss and you’ll get a lot more.

lol I wonder if anyone uses this gun at all, except from streamers wanting to do weird video. I tried it once or twice and then never touched it again, it is a nice decoration on the wall though


It just good for level scaling and getting something like Tediore homing MIRV or quick elemental weapon grab. It has some uses where Epic weapons are good substitute over legendaries


Well, duh, yeah.

I posted it because it was believed that the gungun wouldn’t drop legendaries. I’m not promoting it as a reliable method for gaining legendaries.

Yup, over four months ago :slight_smile:

btw why people call it "gungun " I thought it was eridian fabricator ? :rofl: I clicked the subject in the first place because I wanted to know “what on earth is a gungun?”


Thats how it was called before the launch in promotional videos and information.


also slips off the tongue easier than eridian fabricator :smiley:

Let’s face it it’s called the gungun due to zane and we all know it :wink:

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I fired it off around 500 times last night, atleast it kept me busy while I got high but nothing that I wanted.