Legendaries in Story mode?

Has anyone gotten a Legendary in a Story mission in the last 4-5 days? I recall seeing a couple on my first day or two of BB but haven’t seen one from a Story mission since. Any Legends I’ve had since then came out of packs bought in the store.

Are they allowed to drop in Story missions? Does it have to be Advanced+ to get them or does Advanced+ give higher rates of dropping at least?

I know Legends aren’t necessarily the best thing to equip but getting a shiny to drop is always fun, I’d rather see one from a Story though than a loot bag I bought in a marketplace. It’s more exciting.

I got one this weekend

I have a few. I play with friends and publicly though. Might want to try that. It may just be bad luck my friend…

I got two from Advanced story missions, and one this past weekend from a Normal mission.

I got one two days ago. First legendary for me from Story mode since release.

I always do public solo queues. I haven’t done any Advanced mode difficulty though, was wondering if it affected drop rates or not.

Haven’t seen one in a long time.

I’ve gotten two Firm Ware Update 1.51cs from Geoff since I’ve been playing, so they do drop in the story, but they’re pretty rare. Just keep plugging and you’ll get one. By the way, the second one dropped for me either last night or the night before while playing in regular mode solo.

Me and a friend have been getting some good drops from Normal Hardcore.

I just got another today. That brings me to 15 total (sold 4 though). I will say they are very rare drops (I see one in every 6-10th run?). Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see one, just keep playing story and you will get them.