Legendaries with two stats?

So I just got this after running Heliophage. I imagine it’s just a bug with the color pallet. The cost is relative to an Epic as well.


EDIT: Just noticed the sell value is relative to a legendary though.

So now I’m not so sure if this is a bug with color… Hmmm. Thoughts?

Thats really weird. I thought it was an ISIC drop because of his annoying levitation stage. I got mine from him recently, but mine costs 845.

I have this, its just a cheap legendary i think.

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Considering that you get hit by CC like…once in a blue moon, even in PvP, I would certainly hope it’s activation cost would be low.

I have one too. I believe it is a bugged epic, as in, it should be purple.

@JoeKGBX any chance you could check on this for us?

I have this as well and I believe it is actually a bugged blue item. At least mine was. I got a blue drop from a PvE mission, no epic or legendary, and instead of my blue I got this. The stats of this item are comparable to that of another blue helmet of the same type that I have.

Just verified with Design, and this is a bugged Epic (purple) item. Perfectly working Epic gear, just bugged color.


Thanks for checking on it!

And bugged sell price. Thanks for the confirmation.

That’s a bugged Rare (blue). It has the same stat on it twice (with the second one being conditional).

You can have items with the same stats on them. It’s pretty common, the second one is always conditional.

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Rare’s always have the same stat (with the second being conditional), that is my point. Epics have two different stats (with neither being conditional).


Ahhh very good catch. That’s true.

sorry for my bad english
so Gearbox will change this gear grade(legendary to epic) or change another legendary gear?
I have this gear and waiting for bug fix

as mentioned above, I think they will change the color to blue (Rare).

So here it is again but in epic form this time. I keep getting my hopes up when picking up these items that are bugged lol


I sold mine for 250 credits :grin:

Lol I’m thinking of selling both of them myself. Most CC is 2-3 seconds, not sure if a 14-21% reduction is worth the gear slot anyway.