Legendaries you can't stand

For me its the gunarang. Not because it’s bad or along those lines but because it drops All The Frickin Time. It has become my woodblocker. I even started getting as a regular world drop. As of Saturday i have given up, I won’t even pick them up to sell. Before too long im going to start seeing it in my sleep.


For me, it’s any of the trash-tier legendaries with god-tier drop rates: Woodblocker, ASMD, Krakatoa, Vanquisher, etc.


The Boring Gun. I find them everywhere and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to use it effectively.

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All Snipers except Lyuda and AutoAime, Boring Gun, Lob, Bitch (kinda seeing this one a lot lol), Back Ham, and that shield that shoot corrosive spikes if you get hit

So this just happened


What made mY cheeks hurt is the gun level… XD!!!


I know exactly what shield you’re talking about, yea can’t stand that thing.

Moxxi’s Endowment. It’s The Woodblocker Of Artifacts.

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That shield would be decent if the corrosive damage was considerably (Like 25 times) higher.

And it didn’t talk.

malaks bane for me


Snipers are situational and there don’t seem to be many situations in this game. There’s no possibility at stealth and there’s almost always a psycho or critter charging you.

The only sniper I really liked was the Headsplosion and that’s only because of the 3 ricochet projectiles

for me it’s the lob, I think I got 5 of them to drop last night from freddie.


The basics are covered already with the Woodblocker , Lob ect. I’m going to go with a legendary with crappy anointment on it . Just had an anointed Dictator drop from Katagawa Ball , I actually didn’t look at it for a min. or so and for good reason. It’s an accuracy increase while SLIDING.

Rectifier, its an alright sheild, but after farming sylestro for lasersploder I went to graveward and he starts dropping them. :man_facepalming:

I get The Lob dropping almost everytime I kill Graveward

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