Legendary ammo SDU's are underwhelming in their ammo quantity for cost

I feel that dropping 2.4mil for a legendary ammo SDU should have effectively double the ammo pool for whatever weapon class it is for for the cost.

Why are we stuck at only 1400 rounds for AR’s? 100 for snipers? 1800 for SMG’s?

God I wish more games would pull a GTA V and give us 9999 ammo capacity. I don’t want to have to keep stopping mid fights to change out weapons, or search for ■■■■■■■ ammo all the time.

I have a Shreddifier, do you know how quickly 1400 rounds disappear with this weapon in particular? I know it is “supposed to return ammo to magazine on crits” but it doesn’t happen nearly enough to make the weapon worthwhile, especially since I have one with normal bullets, which means it is extra ineffective at any mayhem level.

Any Tediore weapon burns through your ammo pool in no time flat, because you can’t just reload after burning down an a enemy and with say, 25% mag left, you want a full one to take on the next guy, so you have 2 options, you either waste the ammo and reload, or you shoot the next guy with a few bullets, reload anyways usually having a crappy reload effect anyways) and then do it all over again.

Snipers generally do piss ant damage so you burn through ammo to kill a few guys, or even just ONE. The Krakatoa sniper is garbage, it is not an homage to the Volcano from BL1 and you’ll never convince me otherwise.

I feel this time around our ammo pool should be doubled at legendary level SDU’s. So instead of 1400 rounds of AR ammo, we would have 2800. Zane doesn’t have any ammo regen perks, and my boyo keeps running dry and I’m back to using weapon types that I don’t like, just to keep slinging lead.

Ammo capacities are pretty similar to past Borderlands games. I’ll admit they should have raised the Sniper pool since the only snipers really worth using in this game are the auto-snipers that fire very fast like Vladof ones…but they burn through ammo super fast.
But the rest of the gun types ammo pools are just fine.

2.4 million is chump change at lvl 50 though. You can get that in like 5 boss runs. Or you can grab a money grenade mod and just use it regularly and you will be a multimillionaire very quickly.

The money isn’t an issue. It’s the 1400 ammo pool limit for AR. It’s not fine.

140 rounds extra for 2.4 mil… How about a few extra hundred rounds. That’s basically 1 magazine for my shreddifier.

I mean, in bl2 it was easily 100 eridium for the same thing

Yes, but with Sal’s team ammo regen, it wasn’t ever really an issue for me and my friends.

and it is rarely a problem here too, as there are ammo crates EVERYWHERE

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Oh yeah sure, you mean all those ammo crates with no ammo for the gun i need? You mean those ammo crates with rifle ammo that gives you a whopping 20 some odd bullets? Those ones? Those ones specifically you mean?

you just want to complain dont you


you got 4 guns, thats 4 weapon types, lets assume 1 will be either a rifle, smg, or pistol, one may be a shotgun, sniper or launcher. and the other 2 will be from the remaining categories as you shouldnt be stacking weapon types in this game yet you literally have ammo for days

Apparently you didn’t get the Shreddifier part.

A Vladof legendary rifle with a massive magazine and ridiculous fire rate that burns through the 1400 rounds obscenely fast, too fast to use this weapon reliably unless i literally just use it give my digi clone the rifle and i switch to something else.

126 rounds in a single mag. On mayhem 3 this weapon barely takes anything down from its normal bullets, and with a piss poor size ammo pool, it’s hard to enjoy this thing.

Looking to complain? Yes. About this weapon and a few others. Don’t want to read it? Then why are you still here?

Then use your other 3 guns, you wamma use a vladof, get ready for ammo problems


Ah yes. Don’t use the weapon you like. Use other ones because you’re out of ammo… At level 50…with all SDU’s purchased…

Brilliant game logic.

well comparing them to each other is quite a joke seriously -.- 1800 SMG ammo or 1400 AR ammo but ■■■■■■■ 240!!! shotgun on max thats more than poor would need at least 400+ for me <.< hope it gets increased by time

There is better solution then bigger ammo SDU.
Ammo regeneration on legendary class mods.
In BL1 with mordecai you had ammo regeneration on sniper class mod. It was so good :slight_smile:

And tediore weapons regen ammo when equipped, way better then now…

I miss BL1 ammo regeneration. Almost any gun could become viable if you shot enough bullets.

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Yeah me too, and Ronald had ammo regeneration for all players on co-op, I miss that…

I’ve never felt I had too little ammo, really.

Some circles of slaughter attempts get close to emptying a pool, but since being able to shop in between rounds is a thing, that’s not really a problem.

I feel ammo pools are in a good spot, where you’re rewarded for hitting the target and they add a little extra difficulty, if you’re not.
Should that be a problem, you can always go down a mayhem level or two, though.
Afterall, the highest difficulty shouldn’t be a walk in the park 100% of the time.
At least that’s the way I see it.

I would consider using a weapon other than the Shreddifier if you dont have any ammo regen, especially if it isnt doing the damage you’d like to see in Mayhem. I have a shreddifier in the bank waiting for a leveled up Moze. Some guns just eat through ammo too quickly and need to be used situationally. Lyuda is one of the most powerful weapons in the game but if you use it as your main weapon you’ll constantly be scrounging for sniper ammo.

Yeah, ammo pickups are a whole other problem. They should give you a percentage of your max ammo rather than a pathetic flat amount that becomes relatively even more pathetic as you increase your ammo.

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well the main issue is that some SDUs give you more than enough and some just too few like shotgun with poor 240 but a SMG with 1800 is fairly enough but those shotgun 240s are often used up quite fast when you engage 4-5 anointed dudes ofc switching weapons is a thing but shotguns like butcher make you feel low on ammo often enough so a little increase for shotguns was a thing so from 240 up to 360-400