Legendary anarchist com

Anybody got a legendary anarchist com by any chance? I really need one for my Gaige. Thank you!

Have you gotten one yet and what lvl 72 or op,and are you on ps3 or ps4.

I never did :frowning: I play on ps4 I’m level 80 with Gaige

If i get the chance i have a tubby farm setup with sal,haven’t run in a couple of weeks but I’ll run some tomorrow and let you know if i get one

Niceeee! Thank you man. I’m glad I’m not the only one going back to the older borderlands games.

Still playing 3 though rng’s been really good to me, i ran bl2 earlier and got some 2 for zero 1 for maya 2 for sal ,i should get it within a day,sad part is i had them all but deleted my old saves except 1 from ps3 cloud save of Salvador,i’ll msg you when i get it

Got one for you, just message me and send a friend request

I will tomorrow, I work and get super Busy