Legendary Anarchist Mod

My Gaige is lvl.54. Does anyone have a Legendary Anarchist Mod I could use (or come to use in a few levels)? I crave the upgrades it’d bring. My PSN is EpicDamo.

Hmm? Mmm? No one?

The lowest possible level for Legendary Anarchist is 62 and the same is true for the other COMs introduced with UVHPack 2 so you may have to wait a bit

Ah ok. Thanks. I’m almost there with her. Been farming tubbies the past two days to get the mod to appear. So far have had 7 legendary mods, but yet to find the one I want.

OK, good luck to you then. Maybe you could use the Creature Slaughter Dome Round 1 method to get it? As Gaige it could be a bit more difficult however.
I have a Level 72 Variant left now but you’d have to level a bit more then.

Sounds intriguing. What’s the gist of that method? I have a strong Maya so I’d perhaps do it with her. Anything to save from another Frostburn Scorch run at this point.

Only Skags and Spiderants spawn in that round and many of them will be Badasses which gives you a great chance of getting Tubbies every other attempt.
Basically you kill everything you see until Wave 4. In that wave you kill a few Spiderants until non spawn anymore at which point you die in any way you desire. Tubbies usually appear right at the start of each wave but nothing is guarranteed of course. I usually get one Tubby every two attempts but it’s not uncommon to get one every run or non for more than three. I even saw two Tubbies in one attempt a few times.
It is a very great method in my opinion especially if you manage to get a Fire Topneaa or Nofleet (although if you have one of the latter you probably wouldn’t need to do this in the first place) and there’s no need for save&quit cutting down on nasty loading screens.
If you accidentally complete the round quit the game quickly before the game saves.

Oh that makes a lot of sense. And I suppose the Doctor’s Orders mission being only nearby means I can easily get new weapons should I desire. Thanks!

Indeed, it is a very refreshing route. Getting back from there is a bit of pain though, haha.
You’re welcome :slight_smile:

I’ve been going some time. 6 rounds, I think. Nothing yet but hopefully something will happen soon.

Ooo. I got something! Legendary Nurse mod. Gotta keep going…