Legendary annointed gear problem after patch 1.10

[Solved] I have noticed that after the patch the bosses and the raid don’t drop any annointed legendaries. The rare enemies are not spawning too.
Maybe farming frenzy event is bugged after the dlc patch?
Let me know


Yeah, I am not seeing any annointed gear dropping on Gravewarden…

loooool I thought something was off, you are right no more anointed drops

I’ve gotten plenty of anointed legendaries from GW after the patch.

Ok, I just got some, but the drop rate seems like back to the original rate back when the game was released, definitely not the roughly 40% on MH4 it was before the patch today.

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I would have to agree with this. I ran some Graveward and Takedown yesterday, while still early into testing I would say it has been reduced for sure.

definitely greatly reduced, two m4 vip tower runs killing everything and opening every crates:One single anointed in total!, a purple one

For me it’s perfectly normal. Gotten a bunch of anointed stuff since the patch came out, including a Night Hawking and a lucky 7. What platform are you folks on (I’m on Epic)?

Maybe is a console problem

Ps4 too, same issue

ps4… figures

Im on PS4, been getting anointed drops

Rare spawns on the otherhand seem to no longer be guaranteed

Same goes for PC, farmed a bit, the drop rate was … abysmal

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It’s not a console problem, I’m on steam and getting the same issues with rare spawns and lack of anointed drops.


Can confirm have both PC and PS4 version and anointed rate is the same. WAY lower than it was before the patch


Same here, ps4. No point in farming until it is fixed. There goes my evening plans.


One step forward, 3 steps back. Always the same with GB.

I’m on Epic it’s not even close to perfectly normal. I just did a full 5 rounds of MH4 lvl 57 Slaughter Shaft and only 4 items total were anointed. Normally its like more then 50% of items are anointed.


I’m sure it’s a bug related to the update guys. They will fix it. I know lots of people that already are not very happy with getting 3-4 levels at a time, and I’ve lost a lot of interest in the game myself because of it. That being said, I am pretty sure this was not intentional, and hopefully they’ll put out a fix ASAP. It may be a bug related to the support for mayhem 2.0, the drops were getting now may be how they will be on mayhem 4 when mayhem ten is introduced, but that’s just a guess as to what went wrong.

I’m with you. I haven’t even touched the game so far today and after reading this, I will probably wait a little longer.