Legendary Artifacts with Pics Updated

Need Legendary Zane Mods post stats or pic thx.
Need The Dictator [ Anointed] all elements
Need Spolder [Anointed] all elements
Need Recurring Mirv Corrosive, Radiation grenade
Need Anointed Cutsman Rifle all except fire.

Also taking Any Good Anointed Weapons post pic or stats thx.

Add me my gt is Outlawkillerz and message what item we trading to avoid confusion please thank you.

Your Icebreaker victory rush
My Recuring hex shock

Got shock already got any other elements?

Cryo, Annointed.
Also got sploders

Need spolder shock

I have a shock. Ill give you details when I get home

Ok np

New items tonight

Any chance you’d want these Zane mods for one of your deathless?

Dont need sorry.

I’m interested in berserker victory rush, what’s your preference for stats on Zane mod? I have a bunch of good ones

I dont mean to hijack someone’s thread, and I’m only responding since I saw that the threadstarter declined. I’m interested in the Executor Classmod.

Anything with rifle or smg damage with action cooldown or weapon fire rate stats

All good idc haha hope u get what u need

Absolutely anything else you’d consider for ele projector?

Idk tbh good Anointed weapons mostly if u have any add me and message we work something out for it thx off to work.

This one is nice!

! 15704464110447178678195694933390|374x500 !

You looking for anything for those infiltrator mods?

Anointed gear for zane or in general add me and invite to show me um on now gt Outlawkillerz