Legendary assassins mod

Got a lvl 60 legendary assassins mod up for trade looking for any legendary at lvl 60 get Dmghealer1

Do you mean the legendary hunter mod or the new legendary ninja mod?

I think it’s a hunter as got it from a chest from frosty the snow man or whatever his name is lol I got so mechro class mods as well I think the new ones from a tubby and a legendary sickle. Mod

Yes, will be the legendary hunter mod if u got it from a chest. Got the same mod two times yesterday by farming the loot midgets. The hunter mod isn’t bad, but for a melee zero the legendary ninja mod would be the best possible.

ps: excuse my bad english, it’s not my native language :wink:

So far in uvhm i have only just got up to the loot midgets in wildlife.
I have had 2 llm from tundra and 20 odd tubbie a from various locations and not one new siren mod got class mods for everything else but siren lol so do llm drop the new class mods or only tubbies

yeah, u should be right. U can only get the new class mods from tubbies. Do u need a new one for the siren? If i’ll find one, i’ll gonna give it to you!

Oh yeah please man that will be awesome I got a friend going to join my game to try and more tubbies to spawn

no problem dude! And if you’ll find a legendary ninja mod before i do and u don’t need it, would be cool if you could give it to me :smile:

Yeah course man going to do a few dust tubbies run later will hit this thread back up if I find one dude