Legendary Berserker And Hoarder

Looking for a Legendary Berserker And Legendary Hoarder class mods. Been trying to farm chubbies but not having any luck.

Looking for OP8. Thanks.

I have plenty of other lvl 72 and OP8 items to give/trade.

I got berserker gt:Just Elbow Deep

I got both of them thanks. Got one off Pete and the other a friend gave me.

I am looking for Legendary Gunzerker mod though. If you have one of those :slight_smile:

Yea but its not op8 its lvl 72

Oh man, damn.

ehh, it’s fine than. Save it for someone who will really use it :slight_smile:

I guess back to farming it is lol thanks though.

Yea, sorry m8. Good luck getting it lol