Legendary Binder lvl 61

Hello everyone, do you have a Legendary Binder class mod to trade? I play on ps3 and I have a lvl 61 siren.

Legendary Binder, and the other Legendary COMs dropped by Tubbies, cannot be found below 62 legitimately. They can drop on 61 but can’t be lower than 62 themselves to prevent their use if you only have one Ultimate Vault Hunder Upgrade Pack installed, even if it’s the second one.

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Thank you, now I can try to find another mod

Not sure if this matters but , on ps4, I have gotten a 43 legendary hunter and a 34 legendary siren. I thought it was rather strange but I got them from snowman’s loot train both in tvhm.

Is this a ps4, handsome collection, thing? Or it probably has something to do with no level cap?

I have all upgrade packs on ps3 also. So,@BlackHeartV do you think it possible for the loot train to have legendary coms at low levels with all upgrades installed?

Those are the Legendary Vault Hunter COMs, named after the “legendary” VHs of BL1, except for Mechromancer and Psycho but they are still part of this series of COMs.
They can be found anywhere ever since the release of this game but only Vermivorous had a higher chance of dropping them (now Pete and Voracidous joined the party). Other than that bug they only were world drops and absurdly rare in Normal/TVHM even today (as the world drop legendary rate is horrendous in those modes. It got better but still).
The chest you mentioned is probably the best way of getting them without fighting these raids but even then they are still very rare in Normal/TVHM so you had quite a lot of luck.

The COM OP asked for is part of the series that only Tubbies drop starting on 62 (their loot’s level) which are basically legendary variants of 3 for each of the VH’s ordinary COMs. Salvador has a tricky one as one of his are based on the Berserker COMs but his LVH COM was named Legendary Berserker already because of Brick so they slapped Legendary Gunzerker on it instead.

And then there’s Slayer of Terramorphous but nobody talks about those, except for Gaige players maybe. Fairly self explanatory.

And thus ends my Legendary COM crash course.

I just realized I forgot to mention that Loot Midgets have a chance of dropping the LVH COMs as well in any mode >,<

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Thanks for the info, (crash course, nice)…figured you would probably know. I didn’t even put 2 'n 2 together as fars as Bl1 coms go. I always wondered about the ‘Berserker’ com name.