Legendary Boss Drops For Groups Question?

Might sound like a noob question, i have already actually put in over 100+ hours but mainly on PvP and have received 2-3 legendary drops from bosses as well (Ones that i dont even use) and i am now currently farming for leechsteel brooch and Lorrian Skill Spike after finally getting Voxis Core in a jen loot pack, but im not too sure about whether its best to do it solo or in groups?? and more specifically if done in a group of any size and the boss does drop the legendary…does the whole team get it or just the person who actually picks it up? is it like other packs and items the team picks up in a story mission where it will pop up on screen and tell you who has picked it up but then everyoine in the team gets it??

any help greatly appreciated, as i have had a memory blank and cant seem to recall the answer ha!

Don´t fear dude - all found gear gets completely shared in the team, means everyone gets the same legendary if you find one. No loot-ninjas :wink:

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I thought so man but wasnt sure! Your a legend! Cheeeeers

Yeah everyone should get it.

However, I did play a story mission a couple weeks ago and my husband didn’t get an epic that everyone else got. Sometimes the gear picked up doesn’t show on the mission results screen so you want to check your inventory. This happens to us a lot but unfortunately the epic wasn’t showing in his inventory this time. I don’t know what happened. It’s always a good idea to check how many and what kind of loot gets picked up. As for Legendaries though, you will notice right away when that’s picked up lol and if you didn’t get one in your inventory then report it.

wicked, sounds good. thanks.

Anyone have any info on whats typically faster or better for farming in terms of solo advanced hardcore on the renegade or trying to do advanced story missions public for them etc?

and what is the advantage of doing a hardcore run? does it increase drop chance or rate etc??

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I am under the impression that only certain Legendaries drop in normal so you wanna play advanced to have a chance at all the Legendaries that boss drops.

I’m not 100% sure if hardcore raises your chances. It should but I don’t think it actually does.

I always do public groups of 5. It’s harder and more challenging but also feels more rewarding. Again though, not sure if it actually grants you a higher drop rate. We get a lot of Commons and Uncommons on 5 man advanced and sometimes nothing higher but I have received a couple Legendaries and some good Epics.

I highly recommend this topic for info on legendary farming, I found it very helpfull :slight_smile:

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