Legendary Cat build tips?

Hello. This is my first post on the new gearbox forums. I used to post somewhat on the old forums but I stopped BL2 for a while and recently came back. I’m doing level 72 UVHM and OP runs with the “Twisted Pimp” build by @Derch. I love the pimpernel but I end up finding myself having more fun with SMGs. I was wondering if anyone can give me some critique on my build.


Motion Tree
4/5 Ward
1/5 Accelerate
5/5 Suspension
5/5 Kinetic Reflection
1/1 Converge
4/5 Inertia
5/5 Quicken

Harmony Tree
1/5 Mind’s Eye
5/5 Sweet Release
5/5 Wreck
5/5 Elated

Cataclysm Tree
4/5 Flicker
5/5 Foresight
5/5 Immolate
5/5 Chain Reaction
1/1 Cloud Kill
5/5 Reaper
1/1 Ruin

My main weapons are a Fire and Corrosive Sandhawk, a Slag Pimpernel, and a Twister
My items are Blockade, Legendary Cat, Magic Missile, and Blood of Ancients.

Now my main questions.

  1. I love SMGs, but I am also a realist. It feels nice to burn through people with a SMG + Cat Mod but to me, it feels like the Cat Mod is more of a raid boss Mod. Is it just me, or am I better off using a Legendary Siren + Pimpernel when going through the game and switching to Legendary Cat + SMGs for raid bosses?

  2. Are there any good SMGs other than the Sand Hawk? I’ve tried the Bitch and Florentine but I didn’t really like them and the Sand Hawk burns a lot of ammo. Any SMG that when used with the Legendary Cat com, can almost rival the Legendary Siren+Pimpernel efficiency in running through the game?

  3. Some people have suggested the Bee but I don’t like it unless i’m raiding because I feel like it’s too fragile. Any opinions? I’m more thinking Blockade for running through game, BeeHawking + Grog Nozzle for boss raids.

  4. I love the blockade but people tell me the antagonist is better. Do you think Blockade+Magic missile or Antagonist+Quasar is better for a combination of defense+slag

  5. Does anyone have any good recommendations for a boss spec or can point me to where I can find some? I feel like having a mobbing spec and a boss spec are good since they have different focuses.

  6. Opinions on scorn? I liked it in Twisted Pimp, but I feel like without the Legendary Siren com, the cooldown for Phaselock becomes too long so I opted for Quicken over Scorn and as a result, switched to the Magic Missile over the Quasar for my grenade.

Thanks for the tips!

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To start off your build looks solid

  1. Cat + Bee + Sandhawk is kinda of raid set up to me, but CAT and just smgs is really good always.

  2. Have you tried just normal Plasma Casters? If you didn’t like the bitch I would stay away from Hyperion ones and just go Maliwan or Dahl. Or if you want efficiency have you tried just purple bandit smgs? With the Legendary cat you might be surprised on what they can do and they shoot for days with 10/5 foresight.

  3. I would stick to antag or blockade over the bee other than raid and a few larger bosses.

  4. In all my testing of these 2 shields it really comes to personal preference, they are both so close. Also look at other slag grenades like a transfusion for example other than just MM. For me grenades drop a lot so I only run out if I spam them and MM’s don’t always go where you want them to go, as well as cause a lot of visual pollution.

  5. For raids there isn’t really one spec, for dragons you want thoughtlock, terra has nothing to phaselock so you build around that, etc.

  6. I would not go scorn with the legendary cat because you do want that cooldown.

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I’m running Cat/Nurse/Binder/Siren with a build that tries to optimise for all four. It works best with SMGs, but I also use Pimpernel, Storm, Kitten, Hail, Bekah… Basically, whatever works.

Bad & Good Touch, Hellfire, Babymaker, Emporer, any decent plasma caster, … Try things, and decide what works best for you.

Personally, I main Antagonist/Quasar, but I keep either a Blockade or Big Boom Blaster handy. Maya doesn’t need MM. I only alternate a Bee in and out for fighting Pete, just to speed things up.

Some of the builds here are going to be a bit dated, as many of them are pre-Maya buffs. However, it might give you some ideas to explore:

[quote=“naixinz, post:1, topic:1524103”]Are there any good SMGs other than the Sand Hawk?[/quote]If you got all the way to the OP levels without finding and using another SMG that you like, SMGs might not be your thing? What other SMGs have you tried? In my opinion, while the Sandhawk hits pretty hard, I find it only mildly entertaining to use. That said, I think Bandit e-tech SMGs are incredibly fun to use, so don’t listen to me.

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Yeah no don’t listen to him.


Heres what ive been using.


Slag rubi
Unkempt harold i like to use intense or hard
Plasma caster shock/corrode
Rough rider shield
Chain lightning
BoA relic matching elements.

Pretty damn fun

You’ve got a solid build, if you wanted to take advantage of your binder COM as well, you could take a point out of Flicker and put 1 into Helios.

You can switch between Leg Siren/Cat/Binder (and even Nurse) pretty easily. There may be better individual builds for each mod, but you can comfortably switch between the main 3 with the build you list.

As far as your big boss setup, Derch has you covered above with the Cat/Bee/Sandhawk… that’s about all you need… in your build, you wouldn’t need Kinetic reflection against raid bosses (unless for somebody like Crawmerax with lots of little minions about) unless you were going for a Joltzdude super kill or something with the Antagonist. I would think about putting those points down into Sustenance. You could likely say the same about Inertia as well, as also a kill skill…not sure where those should go, maybe Fleet or you could think about Accererate with the Sandhawk, with the normally slow moving projectiles…

[quote=“naixinz, post:1, topic:1524103, full:true”]

  1. Are there any good SMGs other than the Sand Hawk? I’ve tried the Bitch and Florentine but I didn’t really like them and the Sand Hawk burns a lot of ammo. Any SMG that when used with the Legendary Cat com, can almost rival the Legendary Siren+Pimpernel efficiency in running through the game?[/quote]

I know this thread is a little old but only just noticed it and thought I’d give my 2 cents.

What are the stats of your Cat? I use the Florentine as my go-to gun as it’s useful in almost every situation. With a Legendary Siren, it’s good, but with my Legendary Cat it’s an absolute beast. My Cat boosts damage by 136%, just short of the max, and with it my Florentine can tear up both flesh and armoured alike in very quick order. Throw in a BoA and I almost don’t need any other weapon for most situations. This is not with The Bee, by the way: I use an Antagonist.

Thanks everyone for the tips. This is a VERY late reply. Anyways, i’ve played some more and i’ve decided that the florentine is actually pretty good. So much slag haha.

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