Legendary cat/siren op4 build for the peak

Just looking start new topic regarding a solid build for either legendary cat or siren, I’ve had couple suggestions in my other thread. So if anyone as something new to add or a solid all round build that will keep me alive in the peak from op4 onwards. I have gear at op4 the bee, corrosive and fire sandhawk dpuh, transformer cradle black hole impailer hornet loans gun cc elegant thunderball fists, I’m running it solo, so as I said a good build or suggestions http://bl2skills.com/siren.html#515001550015055003005550500501 This is my current build thanks to @derch it’s a good build but something feels missing as in more control over enemies I’ve got surveyors coming in at me an all sorts it’s maddening

I’ll check my build to be sure but as far as gear if you can get it, a corrosive Pimpernel and corrosive relic (Blood of the Ancients if you can) and a L. Binder class mod will all help you out. Get an Antagonist if you can and personally I love Butchers as preferred shotguns to use, especially if you can get the Practicable prefix.

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Why would you use the Legendary Cat with a sandhawk?

The Cat reduces your SMG accuracy IIRC. (not sure on that, but I think it was the Cat that reduced the accuracy)

+138% SMG Gun Damage versus -36% SMG Accuracy that’s why. And that accuracy loss matters very little in the end.

Even outside SMGs Legendary Cat offers the most DPS across all of Maya’s class mods.

You need to go test it out if you’re asking why anyone would use Legendary Cat with a Sandhawk.

I prefer the Legendary Binder.

My Peak build isn’t that far off from what you’re doing. I run Legendary Binder and swap to Legendary Cat for Dukino’s Mom, Saturn, and OMGWTH in the later OP levels.

You really need to use cover and keep your range at the Peak. PL surveyors as soon as they spawn and start picking them off.

What system are you on? If you’re on PS3, I can do some runs with you.

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That’s fine as I do too. I’m just giving you a reason why Legendary Cat is used.

This is what I use for OP 8, along with Legendary binder:


Though, for raid bosses, I change that build, use a Legendary Siren/Cat and use different gear.

I do also have a specific build for each raid. All of that for OP 8. Probably overkill in less OP levels.

All Cat COM’s reduce SMG accuracy and boost SMG damage. Even though the percentage on the accuracy loss is high, you will not suffer from it in reality. It’s barely noticeable! The L. Cat is the COM you’ll want to use when you wanna deal massive SMG damage. A BeeHawking Siren with an L. Cat will deal some serious damage. It’s without a doubt the most powerful combo you’ll get on the Siren. If you have doubts about the accuracy, I recommend that you try it out a bit, and see how you feel about it.

Your build looks solid to me. A few points might have gone differently, but that’s a matter of preference and playstyle.

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Cheers guys your suggestion on where a few build points would have gone would be helpful so I can have a play around with the build,it’s definitely surved me well so far but I keep wanting to put some points in controlling the crowd so they attack each other giving me a little breathing space, but not entirely sure where to steal them from trying to progress to op5 but only getting to scorch and surveyors are killing me quite a lot goes on in that small area all at once.

@BookEmDano I’m doing it solo on pa3 cause strangely in this day an age I don’t have broadband where I am so would love to have a run with u but unfortunately I can’t at moment but appreciate the help and suggestions non the less

@Carlton_Slayer ok I’m going on a hunt :smiley:

If you’re looking to add Thoughtlock in then maybe something like this and use Legendary Binder. If you Thoughtlock Surveyors they’ll either stop mid air and hover, go over to heal you, or fly off. Just make sure the Surveyors are first because Sub-Sequence will actually function normally afterwards, going after ground targets that can be caught.

Quick question too can any variant bee shield be gained at any level I want a grounded bee but not having any look had a look on Wikipedia and it only gives variant bees at certain levels???

Ok thanks I’ll go get myself a legendary binder mod and try that out

All shields can appear at all levels.

Ok cool just that Wikipedia gives some weird chart and notes variants at certain levels only and I’ve been farming either a grounded bee or inflamab for days now with no luck

I think you’re better off farming for a Transformer than you are a Grounded Bee. Or trade for one because the chance of you getting one to drop is slim to none.

Bosses drop the non element version of legendary stuff at a low chance.

Elemental version of that has an extremely low chance. It took ages to get my elemental Bee.

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I’ve got a op 2 transformer I just wanted the amp damage too to be greedy lol