Legendary class mod idea: The Markswoman

The Markswoman:

Weapons with scopes gain a permanent +20% damage bonus. Additionally Moze gains increased weapon damage the longer she aims down iron sights.

Boosted skills: Redistribution, Scorching RPMs, The Iron Bank

-The damage boost should not be 100% like the Green Monster/Blast Master i’m thinking more like +50%
-Since the damage bonus requires us to limit our view, 6-8 seconds to reach full damage.
-Weapons with some scope-like part should receive the permanent bonus, just iron sights should not.

This is basically a legendary version of the purple class mod: The Marksman

this was a bad skill on Zer0 in bl2, a class that wanted you to ADS. it would be even worse on a class that wants to hip fire and nade chuck consistently, in a game where constantly moving is much more important.

the 20% gun damage for having a scope would always be the better bonus to utilize, but would still just be worse than the other COMs. Green Monster, one of the weaker damage COMs, is much simpler to manage since there are ways to keep it going, and at its worst, its still at its worst a 50% bonus damage buff. this COM would still be completely outclassed by bloodletter and blast master.

if what you’re looking for was a COM that specifically made sniper moze much better, i think your 20% gun damage for scoped weapons could be increased to 25%, and then something else to make snipers more functional. perhaps the removal of the ADS movement penalty, and/or 100% reduced weapon sway while ADSing. ditch the Kill C0nfirmed skill entirely.


A couple of other ideas for incentivizing crit-seeking:

— Crits heal Moze and IB for a fraction of their damage (would make a non-splash IB build viable).

— Consecutive crits have some sort of boosting or stacking effect; doesn’t necessarily need to be bonus damage. Perhaps you consume the stacks on reload or something.

— Crits from any gun now ricochet to nearby targets.

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Moze does have rushin’ offensive tho

that lets you fire while sprinting. afaik you can’t ADS with it.


I do have to say that I’m not a big fan of a bonus that is conditional on weapon parts. I’m not opposed to the idea of bonuses whilst ads-ing but it should be consistent.

Maybe just bonuses based on how long you aim down sights, starting with some damage resistance (always), then handling and accuracy(after 3 seconds), then crit damage (5 seconds) and eventually 5% lifesteal(8 seconds).

I like the concept of a COM for long-range Sniper/AR play with Moze, but -all due respect to OP - that’s not how to do it.

I like the idea of a stacking mechanic - how about every critical hit with snipers and ARs improves accuracy, handling, and critical damage and stacks decay slowly over time - sort of turning Moze into Critical Ascension Zer0.

Stack count could be capped to prevent this from being totally OP.

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I was thinking something more like Gaige’s Anarchy – you keep the stacks until you reload, at which point you cash them in for health regen, increased fire rate, and damage or something.

Edit: Actually was he thing I want most is a movement speed buff. I love Moze, but she is so sloooww.

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i think it would actually be OK to have it be a carbon copy of critical ascension. the reason being is that its so much harder to crit and maintain a crit stack in bl3 once an area has been engaged. enemies move way more and a lot of them have much more difficult to hit crit spots.

additionally, compared to bl2 where you had pretty consistent enemy counts going from one spot to the next, bl3 opts for much heavier concentrations of enemies in one spot, and then nothing going from one spot to the next.

I dont aim with Moze though