Legendary class mods for each skill tree like BL2?

This was an awesome addition to the BL2 and i wouldn’t mind if it was in the Pre-Sequel. Different legendary class mods that boosts certain skill trees when the main legendary class mod won’t cut it to yourself. Imagine legendary class mod for Athena that would boost middle tree mostly (melee) instead 2 different skill points per skill tree by bit. I’m not saying legendary class mods are bad in the Pre-Sequel, but i liked the idea that there can be a legendary version of that white to purple class mod in the game.

Like Maya in BL2, there is a nurse class mod that gives team health regen and 3 different skill points to “Harmony” skill tree when worn, this could only go to purple rarity. Then they decided to add a legendary version of it, better team regen and now 5 different skill points in “Harmony” skill tree. That gave me more reason to use it in co-op since it had better regen to everyone. Also Nisha needs some sort of team class mod, what is with no team effect with her?

This would give even more reason and variety to go to the Pre-Sequel and try these class mods in solo and/or in co-op since some boost you and your certain tree, or have legendary team class mod and boost everyone with damage, accuracy and such.

It made BL2 even more awesome, it can work here too.

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Honestly, I was mildly disappointed that Athena didn’t get a com that had both Tear and Omega-Senshu on it.

While I’d love to have a Legendary elemental COM for Athena, I doubt it’ll happen at this point.
It’s not that I’m disagree-ing with you though, cause I love the idea for specific Legendary COMs in TPS.


Nah. I’m glad we didn’t see that level of specialization in TPS with Legendary mods. They done good giving each character two general legendary and one cryo-based. I think if you want to specialize then a Legendary version that just adds more OPness defeats the point.

There is no part of the game that a purple Defender Athena doesn’t trivialize. I don’t need a Legendary Defender that adds Unrelenting and Hold the Line just because I want my Defender to play more like Storm or vice versa. Decisions should be a part of the game in the name of balance.

There are many things that are OP in this game, like lasers and Nisha. But i see your point being more powerful with no real need, though i still think it would give more variety and specializing to a certain skill tree instead using one that goes across 3 skill trees.

Also, you do know Athenas Celestial class mod or any legendary in general does not boost her melee, ability that Athena uses the most. Now i know there is a purple class mod for it, but it does not make sense that Celestial wouldn’t boost melee also.

Athena’s celestial com does boost one melee skill, CoP, I know its not her best melee skill but it is one. Celestial or legendary come usually just boost the top tier skills but are good because they boost 5-6 skills at +5 and have a lot of passive boosts.

Also the second batch of bl2 legendary come for the most part did not focus one one tree,
The Legendary Nurse was 4 in Harmony and 1 in Motion. The Legendary Cat com had 2 in Harmony, 1 in Motion, and 2 in Cat and the Binder was a similar breakdown.

That’s exactly what purple and blue class mods are for.

I meant in general (percent in the class mod), not as a skill in tree. Fire rate and bonus health seems little out of place with Athena when she uses melee too.

While i can see what you mean, they really were prioritized on a certain tree even if skill or two was on the other tree.

Considering that the game is piss easy without the mutator arena, skill tree specific COMs hardly will have a bearing on wether you can faceroll or not.

So why not have legendary version also? Nobody is forcing you to use a legendary class mod, i’m suggesting this as a possibility because it worked well on BL2, so it could be tried again here, it did give better team effects on them also. Why not have choice of legendary class mod at the end when you have gotten to the top? And i doubt it would be crazy OP if put skills right on it + it gives a better version of purple/blue class mod to hunt for. You know, getting the best stuff and such.

Let’s put it like this: Let’s say they add a raid boss difficulty of Terra, that has a chance to drop legendary class mod for each class/tree, but chance is 1% on each class mod but the choice to try for it is there, would you complain about the possibility of getting them if you really want to have one? While you don’t have to go for it, you can try it and might get lucky and be rewarded for your effort, just like with the Vermi and so many more, or you can just ignore it. The choice is there in the end, just like what game is about.

But again i get you, nothing OP to kill so no need, so this idea has to wait till they decide to maybe add something new to defeat. Only place that can give this challenge is in the DLC, at the highest difficulty, and maybe Inv. Sentinel.

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I don’t mean to be antagonistic about it because I enjoyed some of those Legendary mods as much as the next player. But I can see why they were trying to get away from it too and try to maintain balance rather than move to the sort of hyper specialization at endgame that we saw in BL2. I still have reason to use blue and purple mods in this game which I appreciate and find more interesting.

Also the class mods in TPS seem to be better done than in BL2, there are not many bad ones but it seemed BL2 was full of bad COMs. Maybe its just that there are less bad skills in TPS, but the COM’s do seem better thought out.

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I can see your reasonable about this. And before some new challenge (like raid boss) is added, this idea has to be on hold until then. While BL2 had those class mods added quite late, we had something to use them since there was so much to do.

I wouldn’t complain if they would decide to add legendary mods, but only way to get them is to defeat something powerful. Gives more reason to go after them if it’s to defeat something crazy strong. Wouldn’t care if it was a sister of Crawmerax or something. Or MechaCraw the Invincible, that would be awesome.

So to put it shortly: First new challenge, then new stuff from/for it.

True, TPS did balance many things more. I mean just the fact that you can actually use Flakker well there, never thought it would be possible.

While TPS did not offer as much, it did fix many things in the BL to be more balanced and possible to use. God rest Hellborn Krieg’s soul, you did well as you could.

Its spread was tweaked if I remember correctly. Atleast, it feels easier to hit stuff.
But it is nonentheless a powerfull gun in BL2, andn ot just in TPS.

Almost wanna find one and try it out now, lovely news!