Legendary Class Mods? Not dropping?!

Been farming for last 2 days or so and I have noticed that I haven’t gotten a single legendary class mod in that time. I can get blue’s and purples but never a legendary one anymore. I’ve killed probably around 100 plus bosses since I was off work other day and I’ve had no luck. Is this just the ultimate bad luck or is something up? I asked a friend and he said he noticed the same thing as well and felt it was odd.


I did not really farm bosses, but I do seem to have very few classmod drops for Moze (75 hrs. played). Found only one with regeneration and that ist lvl. 12.

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Yeah I haven’t gotten a legendary class mod yet. I’ve been playing on Mayhem 3 for the last 2 days, killed 50+ bosses and 1000’s of enemies.


All class mods seem to have a low drop rate.
I’m still using a level 22 one and I’m 50 now. Can’t even find a decent purple to replace it since then!

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I would be inclined to agree that it would be a super small chance at a drop if I hadn’t seen a bunch of them to the point I was mailing them to friends about 4 days ago. Its just been within last few days or since hotfix time range occurred that I can’t seem to find one. I’ve tried offline and online sessions to see if that’s the deal and I can’t get a drop either way. That’s why I’m wondering if something is wrong lol.

The reason as to why you don’t find any legendary class mods anymore, is because you are playing in offline mode. This only happens in offline mode. I don’t know why that’s the case, but I can assure you that that’s the reason.

Before the hotfix happened, I was playing in offline mode for like 2 days straight. I didn’t see a single legendary class mod drop since then. When I went back to online mode, guess what I got on my first Graveward kill? a legendary class mod. Immediately!

So yeah, if you want class mods being dropped again, you will have to play in online mode again. Which obviously means less loot, as well as less EXP. It is a sacrifice you have to make.


I got one from the Jackobs chest in Reliance (took about 100 tries and this was on day 3 with the high drop rates). I also got one from Lilith’s red chest at the end of the game.

They’re out there, but rare. Maybe a future DLC will make them a little easier to find with badass/boss specific drops.

Exactly what enemy just said
Went online mode got two class mods from Gravey boy

Dropping with nice chance. Lvl 50 Fl4k - seen all mods to all chars. Just play on Mayhem1-3.

Yah, theres a reddit post from a guy who was documenting online and offline loot. For some reason they don’t drop in offline but you get more annointed drops in offline then online.

Legendary class mods seem to not drop in offline mode.

I farmed tyreen last night off line. I still got class mods.

Not as many as online but they still dropped.

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The only ones I have are from the slot machines, 2 of them both aren’t my play style.

i got one last night from the very first vault. now my iron bear is invincible!!!1

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Farm the Vermiwhatever that was the miniboss in Homestead 2 mission. I got a legendary CM on the first playthrough, and got two to drop this morning. 1 for my character and a legendary one for the Siren.

On what map was that miniboss? Don’t remember missions from names :confused:

The Splinterlands on Pandora

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this is not the case for me, i am online and no class mod for me.

Tried farming Katagawa Jr or Agonizer 9000 for increase class mods drop rate…
Killed both of them ~25 times each. All I got was 4 legendaries.
3 skins and weapon trinket.

Farmed Katagawa non-stop the past three days, about 6 to 8 hours a day, give or take. Dropped dozens of Legendaries including a bunch of duplicate Legendary coms for Amara (only stopped when I got the Phasezerker com finally) 3 Legendary mods for Moze, 2 for Zane and none for Fl4k. About 20 some total in the entire three day period.

So he’s definitely dropping them, but he’s still generally a world drop boss with a few fixed increased chances already so that’s a lot for the Legendary coms to compete with for RNG values.