(Legendary?) Class Mods that affect Capstones

I remember an interview, I think with Paul Sage, Or it could be one of the myriad of youtubers/twitch streamers who were invited to play the game early, anyways, they talked about there being Class Mods in the game that would give you points/unlock capstones…

…Where are they? I just remembered that a while ago and started wondering. Is it in the game? Were they a myth/misunderstanding? Will they be introduced later as Level caps are (possibly) increased?

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it is bahroo. i think he meant the one point wonders and not the capstone. in 2 you cannot boost 1 pointers with class mods. but we can boost it in 3.

maybe it was misunderstood that one point wonders includes capstones.

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makes sense. Thanks.