Legendary Class Mods

I looked around and hadnt seen a discussion on this so ill make one.

Essential which do you prefer and why?

I do understand this will vary between toon, build, etc but its curiousity.

For instance so far the only time i prefer CoE is on my Jack (im following Derchs Comrade Jack build).

But on Wilhelm (my main) i prefer Celstial.

Opinions? Thoughts?

I prefer Celestial on Wilhelm because the all the skills are good and worth investing and they are compatible with a variety of builds. For Jack I’m running Eridian Vanquisher. I especially like the bonus points to High Frequency Trading, Integrity, and Synergy. Those are the only two Legendary mods I run on my characters so far.

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Thats where im at with Wilhelm. I use all the skill the celestial com boosts.

I think Jack so far is the most Versatile for TPS.

Jack is missing melee and direct support skills in his portfolio. If we’re talking versatility that crown would go to Athena.

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I play solo almost primarily so i dont usually think about support skills often.

Melee to me is kind of a mixed bag since now i dont think theres a way to be 100% pure melee. I think the level 70 bump will either force hybrid builds or force you to gimp yourself. But yes Athena is the only one i see who would be suited to a good melee.

I like Jack because he can rock Cryo, Explosive, Cryo and explosive, Non elemental, and even moderately an elemental build if you spec into sponsered by.

Clappy’s BFF tree screams support. :stuck_out_tongue:

I use the celestial COM on all of my toons who have one. Except for Nisha because I haven’t gotten her past level 6.

Clappy probably offers the most support at the cost of his antics. If i played coop or online id prolly go clappy first time around.

It’s my understanding that Clappy’s Celestial COM doesn’t drop from anywhere. Has this been fixed? I’ve certainly never seen one. I’m using Celestial COMs on the other 3 characters. For Fragtrap, I doubt I’d give up the 880% bonus to One Last Thing (11/5), from a blue Audacious Sapper COM. Fridgia + Ravager + this COM = perfect cleanup of badasses and some bosses every time.

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I believe the com is just bugged. But yes thatd be a hard to pass up

Celestial mods are OK. They all seem to be well rounded, with one of the skills being boosted being a “meh” skill and one of the other skills being useless to my build. Have a few Chronicler’s but they have a problem. I get a Chronicler at lvl 38, and it only boosts each skill by 2? Not cool.

The mod really depends on the character. Sometimes I want high health, sometimes I want to do fun stuff with my shield, sometimes I want to wreak elemental chaos upon the world (that last one is actually all the time).


I’ve found the Chronicler works very well on Wilhelm & Nisha but, even then, I tend to use the Celestials with them since I want more well-rounded gameplay & not so much cryo-based. Plus, that’s 5 more free skill points (5x5 vs. 4x5) – hard to pass up. Celestials also have easily reachable skills (the top of the trees) so it’s convenient to use all the added points, even if it’s by putting just one point for the ‘free’ buffs.


That’s pretty much my thinking. Plus the extra perks are usually awesome. (12.5% of Showdown damage converted to health for Nisha? Yes, please!)

Celestials are really hard to pass up because of the additional 5 free skill points and how easily you can spec a skill to 6/5 with only one point.

They allow you to really spread your points and become far more “balanced” between the offensive side and the defensive side.

Thats been my big observation with Wilhelm is that people complain about low DPS but with my Celstial Com im all around taking enemies out faster and surviving longer. I dont think any of his normal coms even compete.

And im sure that holds true for the others. As Cobra said that health regen boost to nisha takes her from glass canon to easily moping up rooms. Especially if you tacked on like a vibra pulse (showdown OP lasers plus health regen out the butt for days).

I always thought the Celestial Enforcer mod was the best. so well rounded and it just fills out Wilhelm so nicely, allowing for a lot of different gearing options.

I really want to use Claptrap’s Celestial mod.

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Maybe theyll patch that in the DLC. Heres hopin.

They haven’t said they would; maybe Claptrap’s ‘glitched’ Celestial mod was intentional! But, I’ve (he’s?) adapted to it.

Haha while itd be kinda amusing story wise it kinda takes away from him. I should chevk out his CoE mod though since Explosive cryo combo is probably the strongest anyways.

I like the Celestial Baroness, Doppleganger and Gladiator. Also Wilhelm’s Chronicler. Special mention to Jack’s Chronicler, but the Projection beats it.

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