Legendary doubleups

Didn’t get any legendaries for ages, and now they are falling out of the sky. Unfortunately they are all doubleups or near enough to it. Not that I’m complaining but have they changed the drop rate recently. I’ve mostly been playing the campaign on normal recently to open up the lore of a few characters. I have been playing it a lot, but like yesterday I got 3 legendary drops (might have even been 4) as drops in the campaign. Only trouble is they are all pretty much double ups (near identical) to the few I already have. (I have even been selling them which I nearly cry about every time - I would never sell/drop a legendary in BL - NEVER). There doesn’t seem much variety with the legendaries (at least not in the ones I’ve got). There is not much incentive for me if the legendaries mostly suck. If I could give my spares away to other players I would gladly do it - such a waste.

You get specific legendaries off of Bosses (Mid-boss & End-boss) that will never change. For example the end boss of Void’s Edge drops UPR-SG12 “Wolfskin” and nowhere else. With the amount of bosses there are, you can only get so many. Also keep in mind that while you may have two of the same legendary, they do have different numbers on their rolls.
Aside from story legendaries, you have other legendaries from Gear Packs! Spend them credits!
Don’t forget that there are character specific legendaries that you get for completing that characters’ lore too.

P.S. The reason you have duplicates is that you’re doing the same missions without switching around to do others. Since you’re farming for lore, you probably only do 1-2 specific missions.


thanks Zigane that was really helpful

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