Legendary drop from a tunnel rat

i dont know how, but i just got a confrencecall from a tunnel rat. i even recorded it but iam confused, i never saw someone getting a drop from this mob. or can they pick weapons up? because he droped a confrencecall.

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Legendaries can drop randomly from any loot source. You can find a legendary in a locker or inside a skag pile. It’s what we call a world drop. It’s very rare, but it can happen. There are a few exceptions, though. The Conference Call isn’t one of them. Rats do pick up items dropped by other enemies, but any trash mob in the game could’ve dropped it. Happened to me quite a few times. That I can remember, I got a Skullmasher from a Marauder, an Emperor from a Zaford Grunt and a pearlescent from a regular Stalker. You were incredibly lucky that it was a Conference Call, but it can happen.