Legendary Drop Increase still?

Is the legendary drop rates still increased?


Okay thanks. I was wondering cause I farmed the Bunker like 5 times now and only got 1 Legend

That’s significantly better luck than I’ve ever had with him. BNK-3R is known for being stingy, so don’t expect a lot from him.

Edit: Wait, farmed him. As in 5 farming sessions? Or you killed him 5 times?

Killed him 5 times in a row

Well, that’s good luck then, actually. Good luck to you.

Any good bosses to farm. Im only up to the Toil and Trouble

How far in is that? I don’t remember where in the story that is by name.

Where you gotta Kill Saturn.
Where you go to New Haven

In UVHM I’m assuming? There is (off the top of my head, I might forget some guys) Scorch for the Hellfire, the TMNT Rats for the Stormfront, BNK-3R for the Sham and the Bitch, Savage Lee for an Unkempt Harold, the two guys by the church in the Dust along the Spiderant path for both the Lyuda and the Veruc, King Mong for the Badaboom, the Forman for the Black Hole… That’s all I can think of right now…

How do I get the mission to kill Lee

You don’t. He’s just a world spawn.

It’s not a mission, you just go there. Fast travel to three horns divide and grab your vehicle of choice from the catch-a-ride. Turn right and follow the road past the Sanctuary turn off towards the area where you find Corporal Rees’ vehicle in the power core mission. Keep going past the bridge then hang a left and jump out into the Marrowfields. Run over towards where you finally find Rees and you’ll spawn Lee and at least a couple of Bullymongs. It’s a pretty fast run - the slowest bit is waiting for the save/quit/restart cycle (on 360 anyway).

Does he spawn on normal mode

Or he can occasionally spawn in the little section behind the fast travel. If he does, you’ll see a lot of red dots converging on each other.

Yes, but the gun will be level 8-ish.

Yeah, I’ve had that happen occasionally. I was farming him during the current round of drop rate tweaks and I he didn’t spawn there at all during that period. Must have hit him 50 times or so (and came away with at least 5 Unkempt Harolds) in the other location.

How do I do that dust mission

The Good, The Bad, And The Mordecai is the name of the mission. It’s on the bounty board in Sanctuary.

Alright thanks

And got the Unkept Harold :smile: