Legendary drop rate buff

So how are drop rates with the buff guys? Was thinking it might be time to farm a set of white deaths (lyudas) for my zero. Was watching videos of Man Of Low Moral Fiber and he just wrecks bosses with them. They also look like they have good synergy with CA. So I was wanting to know how are drops looking ?

I tell you, this is just my luck… For the past two months I’ve been spending at least two hours every single day farming for legendaries and the one long weekend I decide to stay away from my console is the weekend they decide to increase the friggin’ drop rates! I’ll be away from home until Monday night. FML. Well, I guess I know what I’ll be doing next Tuesday all day long. I gotta make those final hours count.

Anyway, has anyone noticed any significant increase in drop rates yet? Also, the increase is supposed to be active on the Xbox 360/PS3 too, right? Or is it exclusive to the Handsome Collection players? I mean, they said it would be active “across all platforms”. As far as I know, “all platforms” includes the previous generation and even PC.

25 runs on hyperious=2 leg. a sledge and a hornet.about double my luck on 360

Did 15 hyperius runs got stupid evolutions and retchers. 20 wep runs…nothing. gonna try gettle for awhile

I read this and 5 minutes later a slag lyuda dropped from a badass knight. It’s only of 35 but if that’s any use to you and you’re on Xbox one then you can have it

I found 2 legendarys in chests so far. Ive been farming bloodshot strong hold cause theres 3 red chest that are easy to farm. Next im trying the marcus dlc chest.

I’ve got a legendary Head from Zarpedons First Phase and the Bulwark from her 2nd Phase. Im in 360 sooo, Yeah droprate Buffs are awesome!

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Got the infinity pistol first fight with Dr mercy… Either very lucky of the buffing has made quite a difference

Booted my 360 copy of TPS to export my characters and while I was on loaded into the game to check my loot etc and got a Lvl 50 Liquid Magma sniper from a vending machine. Lucky is lucky :relaxed:

This weekend I am going to go farm for roid shields in TPS and Bunker’s legendaries in BL2. It’s too bad I don’t have someone at level 70 in TPS yet.

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Did gearbox mention a buff to drop rates?

I’m also reading this with my mouth open, don’t know about any update :older_man:

It’s on the site’s home page: http://www.gearboxsoftware.com/community/articles/1348/borderlands-the-handsome-collection-loyalty-rewards-legendary-bonus. The increase in legendary drop rates is supposed to be in effect across all platforms from yesterday through Tuesday, April 7.

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Oh thank you, I’ve missed that post :smile:

I’m at 72, but I appreciate that you were gonna help me out. If you want someone to help you level up quicker hit my up. GT lazygamer950 on 11 pm -4am est

Yeah just after my post I seen you’d been farming hyperius so I guessed you must be a lot higher level than that haha.

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Lol. Farmed into the am and all I got was one bunny and like 6 leg. Coms and a non elemental veruc. The coms came from tubbies before gettle, Not one pearl. Been looking for a bekah for like a year lol

My luck has been glorious over the past 2 days! Got 8 legendary items, 6 e-tech relic and 1 pearl from a chest. I mean seriously, It has been awesome!

4 legendaries on the first playthrough: Transformer, Bee, conference Call, Impaler.
No Harold or Infinity yet :frowning:

i didnt find any legendaries on my first playthrough with athena in pre sequel or any with any other characters but athena is the only one i managed to finish the campaign on. i was also playing connected to the net an i know how hotfixes are supposed to work.

i hardly found any good items or guns at all an had to actually go an spend a load of golden keys at the end so i could kill the last boss as i didnt have any weapons that were good enough an the game was not dropping ■■■■ for me, i had one leg from the end boss which im assuming has an increased drop or 100% chance at a leg the first kill so i dont really count that one as everyone pretty much gets that anyway. tbh i dont even think they buffed anything, certainly doesnt seem like it from my experience. im getting better drops now playing offline after the buff. all i got were greens an whites with the odd blue an sometimes a purple if i opened the moonstone chests which on your fist pt are a bit hard to get em all. anything else that was blue or above i had to buy from vendors i also didnt find any legs in any vendors either. i didnt see a single purple item drop from an enemy unless it was heads or skins, even boss drops( apart from the last boss or so obviously).

i really dont know wot the devs are thinking with the drop rates in these 2 games, im almost bored already an cant be bothered to play cos the loot reward is so small that that rewarding feeling you get when you find something amazing rarely happens if it does happen at all. i never once got that “omg wtf is this its AWESOME!!!” feeling whilst playing the pre sequel or bl2, not on my first playthrough anyway, the pre sequel almost got it when i got my first laser gun an from a cpl uniques/quest rewards but it wasnt any thing to sing about an not the same as when it drops from an enemy. it took a considerable amount of hours to get that feeling from these 2 games when compared to bl1 as the drops jus took too long to happen an are to far spaced out. in bl2 when it first came out i went through 3 playthroughs before i got a legendary item to drop that was not 100% from warrior or a quest etc. one class on tvhm finished at 50 with no legs not even a warrior drop. an then i started an second character with no leg drops aswell an got to end of pt1 an started a 3rd character( zero). upon playing this character i got a couple leg drops within the first playthrough an quit quickly from the start.

i remember borderlands 1 had really good drop rates. i remember my first playthough i got several legendaries an had that awesome feeling from the loot drops pretty regularly, well enough to keep me wanting to come back for more at least. thats jus from the first half of pt1. the defiler was my first one at like level 12 or something an it really inspired me an made me want to play on an find more of them or better levelled ones. but it seems with these 2 games im jus playing for the hell of it an if any good loot drops its a bonus. borderlands 1 was all about the loot tho an had a better loot system i played that game purely to find loot. bl2 an bl:ps are more about the story an jus shooting as opposed to playing to find more or better loot from wot you already got. i sunk 1500hrs in bl1 jus so i could look for the best versions of what i already had or didnt have. bl2 im playing jus for the story an to increase my badass ranks i dont play it with the intention of finding new an awesome loot.

anyway thats my lil rant over an done with…almost lol. i was jus hoping that when they say they buffed the drop rates they were actually buffed an noticeable an on par with how they were in bl1 where the drop rates made the game more fun. its not like i didnt spend long playing either i spent most of the weekend from friday all day an night playing up until early hours of this morning( tues) playing almost constantly.

i was also just playing the pre sequel an never tried bl2. so dont know if bl2’s drops were actually better. but the games drops are usually so poor that if they were buffed youd think you would notice it at least a lil bit but to me the drop rates seemed worse if anything. i even had to restart a few times jus to check the hotfix was applied an stuff as my drops were so damn poor.