Legendary drop rate is better in Mayhem 2 than Mayhem 3

I tested it quite a couple of times now in different circle of slaughters and in different proving grounds and it was quite obvious that in mayhem 2 more legendarys where droping i guess thats cause it was pretty easy to farm in mayhem 3 bosses with the right equip so they nerfed the drop chance and got numbers slightly off.

Well now there you go Gearbox pls come and nerf that next week so we get even less loot.

Im happy i can help. <3

Even less loot? I used to farm 2 hours to get any lyuda or hornet and now U go kill gravey or run shaft and legendaries just pour… Are you sure U are even ironic rn?

I have wondered about this once or twice myself. But always thought I was just crazy.

And I read another thread about the need to restart after about an hour b/c you stop getting good loot. Thought I was crazy about that as well.

I may be crazy but at least I know I’m not alone now. Thanks.

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Dude just try slaughter shaft for 30 minutes in Mayhem 3 and then go ahead and try Mayhem 2 for 30 minutes and count the number of legendarys you get

I´d recoment playing Mayhem 2 for the next week cause we all now they need 1 week to hotfix stuff now that i leaked this information im sure gearbox will fix it.

Sorry for u guys tbh. But im sick of the nerfing you know and the tilt inside of me made me give up on BL3 for a while.

Gearbox killed all my fun on the game and now im killing fun for the whole community.
Will i get roasted maybe but why doesnt gearbox get roasted?
Just wondering.

What forum are you reading?


i do not disagree with that i have myself often farmed on m2 and drop rates seemed same or better than m3. I was referring to the part “even less loot” like wut there i stupendous amount of loot in this game

In borderlands 2 I had a lightning storm grenade that did 1.2m ( Yes that’s million) x18 dp/s. Yes it was modded. Someone dropped it for me. It helped me blaze my way through all the way to OP7. That’s where it began taking anywhere from 3 to 15 spam throws depending on the tier of enemy. But in OP8? It was useless. … and that was in 2016. Think it got patched? No. This is just how borderlands is.

I get that the new IN thing is to be super upset about everything but I wish some people wouldnt act like borderlands 3 is supposed to be some hyper pinnacle of gaming. From story to game mechanics it’s like everyone expected a perfect game. 1 is nowhere near perfect. 2? Hell no. Pre sequel? Pretty sure I’m of the few that actually liked it. So why on God’s green earth are you acting like the game that makes jokes about suicide would give a crap about actual balancing? You say everything gets nerfed too much? Then why am I able to go to youtube every single day after every single patch and find some chucklehead one shotting everything? Like seriously. The whole community acts so outraged, youd think the game creator was Jared Fogle. :wink:

I m not using oneshot builds nor watch those crap vids.
Also i dont feel like 1 hour of rerollin modifiers just to make a 5 min vid.

I actually like to feel powerfull but how i am supposed to, last week i was farming over 20 hours red jabber for the hex nate i had one and was happy bout that one day later it got nerved now its useless on fl4k but its still nice on moze and zane maybe.

Listen you have your own opinion wich is good but actually you dont add to the topic in a usefull way you just tryna make build up self esteme based on your superior opinion.

The droprate difference between M2 and M3 is minimal at best (when you look at numbers). So what you saw as a better drop rate in M2 might just be a dumb case of RNG.

Overall, it’s easier to farm in M2 cause you don’t have that extra affix, so less chance you have to restart your game. Also the bonus lootrate in M3 is hardly a step up from M2 when you compare the added difficulty.

In M2 you have less loot, but you kill faster, so you might end up with more loot in the end.

Well depents on point of few.
I see it like if i want a special weapon with a very specific annointed atribute i gotta grind like 30 - 40 hours in order to get that specific item.
Even tho i then farmed over 1000 of legendarys the one i need is hard to get cause of low drop rate.
Yes there is a lot of loot but Mayhem 2 drops more then Mayhem 3 i tryed it and as the titel says the drop rate is better that was what i was refering to.

Maybe thats the fact but i dont feel like i can play mayhem 3 without rerolling modifiers tho.

I will put it to the test again today even tho i wanted to stop playing i do some proving grounds and slaughter of shaft till round 3 and compare and tell you the outcome.
This is a way to ensure that its not based on faster killing in lower mod.

It was ment as an inventation to refelct about your own opinion not as an actual referance.

Yeah, but remember that it might take at least 50+ run to even out the RNG, especially considering how close the theorical drop rate are (Base drop rate would earn you 50% more legendary in M3, but remember they massively nerf it so it might be more like 10-20% more now)

Why does it take 50+ runs to even out the rng?
You tell me the rng is better after leaving Mayhem 3 wut O.o

If you drop 1 dice 6 time the chance you get 1 instance of every number is minuscule. If you drop 1 dice a million time, you’ll be close to a perfect balance.

Considering the average dispersion of loot between run (Sometimes i clean a map for 0 leg, sometimes à get 5 or 6), you want to do your test a large number of time in both difficulty to have a proper statistic

I mean yeah sure i had in mind to do a huge test.
I think 50 times per mod is fine but i thought you ment i would have to to 50 runs before i do 50 on mayhem 2 and then 50 before mayhem 3 in order to get percise values

An equal time farming each level is not a good comparison.
Do the same number of full clear.

What happens is loot is

  • 6x better in Mayhem 3
  • 4x better in Mahyem 2

Hence enemy drop 50% (i.e. 3/2) more in Mayhem 3 over Mayhem too…
Now… if you kill enemy slower at a rate 66% (2/3) or less enemy per minute, you overall effect is less loot.

Basic looter game mechanic. Increasing the difficulty is only more rewarding if you keep killing fast enough!