Legendary Drop Rate seems pretty stingy PS4

Started playing in closed beta. Played in open beta and have been playing since release. I gotta say now that I’m rank 100 and have a few master of titles, it truly seems like legendary loot drop rates are stingy all around. Before you respond please try and read the whole post, thanks!

I’ve purchased MANY Epic Gear Packs, Rogue, Eldrid, UPR etc packs. I’ve also farmed on both normal and advanced the different stages. I have 2 Legendaries from all of them. Now I have others from Digital Deluxe Edition and I got a repeat from getting 100 Command Rank.

I’m sure some of you have had a lot better luck than me but if I farm Sentinel 6 (I wanna say 7 but not sure) on Advanced and I get 12 green drops, 3 Blue Drops, 2 Epic drop, and 1 common drops from bosses that seems a bit stingy. Then I go and use the credits to purchase packs, I opened 3 rogue packs and get greens, blues, 1 skin, 1 taunt, and a epic item.

What else is there for me to do? I’ve played Alani to rank 11, levels some others characters while I farm and, I’m getting bored. I mean Borderlands got some buffs to drop rates? Maybe we get a few our selves? Shoot I’ll take a few more shift codes!

Anyways thanks for reading and if you didn’t well let me know how you are doing with farming. Normal vs Advanced? Packs? STINGY?!?!

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There are already many Threads out with the Legendary Drop - problem. It depends on luck, if u get a Legi - drop. Maybe with the next big Patch this gets pushed. I think that GB haven’t thought that so many People grinding the PvE Content. Cause the Eye was more laid on the PvP.

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Thats an idea! But then some builds need certain items, so you have to almost turn to PVE. Maybe if we could get loot from PvP wins, scores, minor kills etc. Maybe just more coins also. Not sure of the right answer here but some thoughts.