Legendary Droprates Boost - What Did I Just Reaf?

Opened a new tab in my briwser just now, and a big, tan text bubble appeared with a huge wall of text in it that started with “Due to overwhelmingly positive feedback to the increased legendary drop rate weekend, gearbox is going to be further tinkering with legendary drop rates…” and then it disappeared but there was SO MUCH MORE TEXT.

Has anyone else seen this?

Did you mean this?

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Excellent, thank you!

Fabulous!!! I loved the tweaking a few days ago…this looks to be even better!!

i hope so. RNGesus and i don’t get along very well.

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BNK-3R will not like this. It will be forced to give up those Shams its been hording in its “you cant have this cave”


It must not be a very significant amount, which is why we can’t get the exact number

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Bahroo says it feels like almost 15% on minibosses to him. As compared to 3-7%, that’s pretty sweet.

I see this is a knee jerk reaction to people leaving the game in droves. Fans have been asking for a long time for drop rates to be improved but it’s only at this late stage of the game they give the fans what they wanted. To bad most have already left.

I’ve been farming The Sham for a while now and yesterday I thought i’d give it another go. He finally drops an 81% Sham. After that I thought ‘lets go again for ■■■■■ and giggles’. He then drops another 89% Sham. What are the chances of that?! Back to back Shams.

Hacks :open_mouth:

A thread about a thread lol but yes drop rates are up i think

The drop rates were dropped off in the wrong neighborhood…

What’s needed? A 24 hour free4All out of this world drop rate. But only 24 hours, with a 30 min social media push warning prior of free4all.
Do it Randy…

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