Legendary drops are insulting

Offline I get 4-6 legendaries from every Graveward kill… that may be overkill. Online, I just killed him 5 times in a row and got one legendary to drop. One. That is insulting. With the sheer amount of legendaries and anoinments possible I have very little inspiration to even try with those kind of drop rates. Especially when the loot isn’t even class specific! Do you know how many class mods I had drop for all the other classes before I actually got one usable for my own? A lot. so, what’s the answer? Farm offline! Right? If you’re trying to get class mods, then No! Wrong! They somehow managed to make it so class mods won’t drop offline. How the hell is anyone supposed get a good build together to actually enjoy the game if all they spend their time doing is farming bosses over, and over, and over again? Mob drops are non existent and boss legendary drops are more like drips. I don’t need a swimming pool but at least a puddle would be nice. I suggest they get put them half way between what they are offline and what they are online. So the offline/online option isn’t even a thing. Rant over.


You do understand that they are MEANT to be rare, right? Just because everyone got loads in the first two weeks, doesn’t mean that’s how it was meant to be. Borderlands 2 used to be like this until they raised the drop rates at the end of the game’s life cycle.

One legendary after 5 kills isn’t bad, to be honest. I think you’ve just been pampered.


lol you’re complaining about getting a legendary 20% of the time online?

I remember having to do 30 plus runs just to get a Harold to drop from Savage Lee…and here’s the worst part, it wasn’t even on my level at the time.

One thing I can say about BL3 is that 90% of the time legendaries have been either at my level or above it. I doubt anyone could say that about Bl2 and their drops.


1 legendary after 5 kills is awful, when there are over 200 legendaries in the game, most of which are world drops and therefore have a shared loot pool, and when you are looking for a legendary with a specific prefix and annointed perk.


you really think 1 legendary per 5 kills is awful? Did you play BL2 ?


I did, and the awful drop rates were why I gave up on the endgame and only played the story DLC’s after I beat the main game. I remember farming a boss for 3 hours to get an infinity and not getting one, and that is when I gave up on Borderlands 2 endgame.

But why are we talking about Borderlands 2’s awful loot drops rates like they were a good thing?
Gearbox themselves said they made a mistake making the loot drop rates in Borderlands 2 so low. The fact that Borderlands 2’s drop rates were even more awful doesn’t mean that the current Borderlands 3 drop rates aren’t still awful.


Uh, I just killed an annointed badass and got 2 legendary guns to drop. They aint that rare. To get two from a mob and 1 out of 5 boss kills is terrible.

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i too am insulted, appalled even


What system are you on? Have you thought of trying to trade the class mods for other characters you get for one you need?

I call offline on that screenshot. I only get 2-3 legendaries per Mayhem 3 run on the Maliwan circle of slaughter when playing online since the loot drop nerf.


And for anyone talking about how they’re supposed to be rare… It’s not like every legendary is a treasure. I just killed grave ward five more times offline with an average of six legendary‘s every time. I didn’t pick up a single one. I already have either a better version or I know that it’s just garbage. Sifting through hundreds of items trying to find one that actually works with your build takes enough time as it is. To Nerf the drops to the point that what already might take me hours to do and cut that down to 5 or 10% is a problem. If it takes the fun out of it then what’s the point? All of this is obviously my opinion based on how I like to play but I know there are enough other people out there that feel the exact same way so take it for what it is.


What do people mean by “online” and “offline” I keep hearing that but I am not sure what it means…

What I noticed is that I registered with SHIFT.
I have no SAVE and LOAD option (it autosave for me)

So I might be online… how do I go offline?


Literally disconnecting your Internet connection. The hot fixes that nerfed the loop tdrops, the loot tink from spawning and some weapon nerfd are all applied when you logon, they are not hard coded into the game at this point. If you start the game with no active Internet connection the hot fixes do not get applied.

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When you start the game on pc all you have to do is spam enter to get into the game before the updates loaded in the main menu. The game loads all updates in the main menu but if you start the game fast enough there isn’t enough time to load the updates.

Or you just disconnect your internet connection.

mm… so it’s not really a mode… the game tries to go online automatically if possible…
Oh well, just gonna roll with it. Not going to disconnect from internet just to play Borderlands. Beside I need to google information as I try to reach 100% completion! :stuck_out_tongue:


Troy dropped me 6 legendaries on mayhem 3 on xbox

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i dont even know how to offline

Everyone saying the drop rates are fine and comparing this game to BL2’s drop rates are totally missing the point and not understanding the problem.

The people that play Borderlands games long term are usually the ones that like making different builds that involve the use of specific guns or items. Yes, the drop rates were much lower overall in BL2, but most good legendaries had dedicated loot sources. When I’m farming, I’m usually looking for a specific gun or item, not just any random legendary. If I needed an Unkempt Harold, I could usually snag one from Savage Lee in 30 minutes or less.

In BL3, almost all legendaries are world drops. This means that even with the original drop rates it often took significantly longer to get the specific item you were looking for. Now, with the revised drop rates it is going to be exponentially more difficult than it already was. And if the gun you want comes in all elements, oh boy; you might be farming for legitimately weeks or months just for one version of an item. That is WAY too steep for anyone but the most hard core of players.

They need to choose one direction or the other: keep all items as world drops and bring back the old drop rates, or keep the current drop rates and assign some dedicated loot pools to certain bosses.


I agree with gearbox that legendaries needed to be rarer. As it was they were brokenly easy to get.
HOWEVER, how they’ve done it now so that it’s similar to BL2 is NOT the right way to fix it. I’ve played through all the games in all sorts of which ways, and there’s a distinct difference in BL3 to the rest in terms of loot.

In all 4 other games, legendaries were rare because most of them were locked to a boss. On top of that, aside from some serious end-game BiSing, Most max-stating was trade-reliant. This leads into a huge problem with the world-pool based loot as well.

BL3 treats loot like Late BL2, but without the extra rarities. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, broadening the loot pool and overall expanding the variety. Fine, cool… there are two major problems that Gearbox forgot.

The main one is their variety. BL3 has too much variety for the same level of rarity on BL2 legendaries. You have a massive world pool, a large prefix variety on multiple high-tier guns, trash-tier filler legendaries by the bucket loads, ANNOINTMENTS are some of the worst offenders of maximizing the legendary farming. It all culminates in it being impossible to realistically get a decent legendary for what you’re currently doing if at all without putting in absurd and frankly unrealistic hours. No you don’t need to be able to get a BiS Annointed Rowan’s Call in 5 minutes of opening the game, but simultaneously it shouldn’t take a whole day just to get a few legendaries and have them all be trash tier. It’s too extreme, unbalanced, and disenfranchises the end-game that borderlands relies on to survive, especially in this early stage of the game’s overall development.

The second is storage. With such a messed up loot system it means that when any decent legendaries come along, often they’re not good for your specific class and/or build, and swapping a build every time you get a legendary is… yeah, dumb. This means that there’s only one real option… trade. Ok, ok, trading isn’t a big deal. Always been a thing, right? right? yup… back when it was about maximizing your build (hence why that excessive farming wasn’t as common early-lifespan BL2) and not about just getting the legendary in the first place… oh. Suddenly any legendary outside the trash tier is worth saving and 50 slots get eaten up (especially in Mayhem 3) insanely quick. That’s assuming you do bother to farm for legendaries and are willing to put up with the RNGesus. It’s not stuff you need or wanted, but stuff you MIGHT be able to trade with, and then you can’t store anything you actually want to store because it’s all taken up. This was a problem late into BL2, but nobody said much because it was the end of the lifespan.

This is a mish-mash of BL2 rarity mixed with Modern Borderlands franchise push to turn Legendary into the world-loot pool. There are solutions, ofc.

-Further fine tuning. Upping and downing the rarity until a fair medium is found, assuming there is a fair medium. This is certainly the most straightforward, possibly the easiest… but honestly the least likely I’d expect to work. Again, it’s assuming there’s a balance between the rarity as it stands that doesn’t cause annoying problems that could be solved through other means.

-Better use for useless legendaries. As it stands money becomes a bit… well, useless late in the game. You really need it it’s not hard to get, and legendaries are clearly underpriced. A better use like X legendaries to get a new legendary out of a pool might work. My next idea has a piece of it involved with this one as well. You could also have it be used to just generally improve your current stuff (Use X legendaries to up _ stat) until it reaches a max. Making the best out of a bad situation, and then using that filled legendary moves some of that boost on top of the legendary’s worth onto the next one.

-Re-rolling. Personally my favorite option since it’s been employed in many an MMO. Re-rolling stats. Maybe a new currency, maybe use trash legendaries to do it. No longer is it about wading through these legendaries, instead once you get the one you want you can farm for general legendaries to get the materials needed to reroll. It closes the gap and provides a better use for all spare legendaries. If gearbox really wants to keep the end tier farming, then separate annointed from the re-roll. Bam, got that end game crunch while not making it disappointingly TEDIOUS to even build a decent class endgame.

Again, not saying it was wrong to tone down the legendaries. Early in a game’s lifespan like Borderlands is all about fine tuning for the future of the game. What I’m offering is an option that I’ve actually seen brought up before in the game about trying to fix the current issues with loot, and acknowledging that both ends have fair points to make about the whole argument.


I am kind of glad I ll lever know about this discrepancy personally as you do. I just recently hit 50 and am now slowly beginning my gear-up phase. As such I hope most of the “big” nerfs are past us already and I realize perspective change on where you stand.

People not in your position will say “this nerf was needed” or somesuch. You on the other hand might acknowledge it was too much back then but the nerf is an insult because it overdoes it.

Its sad that Gearbox opted to do the “balancing phase” after release because big changes are expected in beta regarding balance…not so much after release.

I dont really have a solution to your post or an opinion as in picking a side. I will probably never understand the dillema as “intimately” as you do because I wasnt around when you had your loot shower runs. Anyway I hope Gearbox will find a middle ground that satisfies you as much as them.